Weekdone usage flow

To get the best out of Weekdone in improving your goal-setting, here is how it works as an organic flow of 4 steps that is easy to adopt:

  1. You get a weekly or daily reminder to share an update. This can be set to daily (for reporting what you got done this day) or weekly (just before the report deadline). The reminder arrives to your inbox, to which you can directly reply to add your items to Weekdone. Ideally you would update your weekly and quarterly goals progress daily, checking it both in mornings and evenings.
  2. You set goals, share accomplishments and mark progress. There are easy-to-fill forms in the header for both Weekly Updates and Quarterly Objectives. It takes just a few minutes to fill them in. The weekly update usually follows the PPP (Progress, Plans, Problems) methodology for entering at least 3 types of updates – accomplishments, plans and challenges. Everything you enter is immediately shared with your co-workers. The quarterly updates use the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology. An Objective is your big ambitious goal, the Key Results show the progress you're making to achieve the objectives. You should mark your key result progress as you go – at least weekly – to show how far you are with reaching the goals.
  3. Everyone gets the report. The team members and managers get the compiled report of every team member's weekly updates (like Plans, Progress and Problems) grouped by people, categories or tags either daily or weekly. There are also regular OKR reports you can turn on. These is delivered to your inbox, accessible on weekdone.com or your smartphone and tablet. All topped with an informative dashboard that shows you who in your team needs more attention or who deserves a pat on the back. You can also add external subscribers, like investors or board members)
  4. Get and give feedback. To keep everyone informed about what their colleagues think about their week, you can comment and like each others items to show support or ask for more details. The real-time Buzz Newsfeed is a great place to do that. The manager can also have a private dialog about the week's summary with each employee.