How should I use Weekdone during the week?

Ideally, the best way is to use Weekdone daily in real time as you go.

Planning your week and getting it done

When planning to work on something in coming days, you add it under Plans. Ideally you should not have more than 5 items under your plans at any time. It's all about focus on what's important. 5 is a good manageable number that makes sure you focus on key big important items. Remember, others read your plans as well. If you start listing tens of small detailed tasks you cause an information overload for others. Weekdone is not a task manager, it's a team communication tool first.

When you get something from your Plans done, you move it under Progress. Progress might be also called as Done or Accomplishments. You can click and drag items from Plans to Progress, or click Done in the right hand menu. Remember to add insights and commentary for your co-workers and leaders, what exactly was your achievement.

You get stuck, you move it under Problems. Some teams call these Challenges or Stuck Items. Never be afraid of sharing things you're stuck with. Your co-workers are there for a reason, to cheer you up and help you as a team.

Whenever needed, add items to additional sections like "Ideas & Lessons Learned" or other custom categories you company might have configured under your account.

Reviewing your long-term objectives

You might not look at your quarterly objectives – the OKRs – daily, but you should do it at least once per week. Just look at them and paint a mental picture that these are the most important things you have to get done, whatever it takes. Remember, that your weekly PPP should be also based on these quarterly objectives. Make sure your key result progress is moved each week and is always up to date.

Read and collaborate

Using Weekdone daily to check others' items under the Buzz activity timeline feed, liking and commenting there, gives best results for improving your team communication. Why not give a pat on the back to your co-workers, or sharing some positive feedback with a visual emoji now?

The weekly journaling and reflection

Some people decide to use Weekdone less often than daily, although we do not suggest that. However you do it, it's very important to take time each week to reflect on your ending week's Progress and next week's Plans. Make it a ritual to take some quiet time on Friday afternoons for that. Having recorded your plans and progress daily during the week, think now what you got done in 5 days and were these really the most important tasks. Could you plan next week any better? Could you be more focused? As a final step make sure, that you always end with your work week by knowing what you'll do Monday morning.

Keep readers in mind

When adding items, keep one thing in mind: word everything for others to understand, not just yourself. Don't use 1-2 word tasks like you would in a task manager. Use longer sentences, commentary, background etc. The writing style for Weekdone is more similar to Facebook and Twitter than to a personal task list. Always think, if your manager or your co-workers will understand and learn something from what you wrote. Writing "Marketing Team Meeting" or "CRM Project" is not too useful for others. Saying "Brainstormed newsletter improvements with @Veli and @Helena, mockups coming soon" or "Together with @Allar and @Jason reviewed our CRM pipeline stages to be more responsive to customers" is the level of detail others usually love. Good wording is a key to successful Weekdone usage.

Now go and review your quarterly objectives and key results, marking their progress. Then fill in your weekly form with your 5 next key plans for this week and 5 biggest accomplishments from last week. Your team and leaders will appreciate it. You on the other hand will be much more productive by having clear goals to strive for in front of you.

Enjoy Weekdone!