How Big is the Economic Impact of Unproductive Meetings?

Did you know that most employees attend an average of 62 meetings per month? Furthermore, unproductive meetings are estimated to waste up to 37 billion a year. We at Weekdone declared war on unproductive meetings and would like to share this shocking infographic composed by TED. Also, we would like to share our solution, but first we have to understand how big the problem really is.

If you are still mindlessly booking all kinds of meetings, this infographic is a must.

Inefficient meetings via TED
via TED

Turns out, we are facing an epidemic of unproductive meetings, which is costing us both time and money.

What is especially alarming is the fact that 50% people are already aware that most meetings are unproductive. In addition, 73% of employees do other work in meetings. So, why do we still keep having meetings?
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My first guess would be – because we are used to having meetings without really asking ourselves why should we have them in the first place. We at Weekdone have tried teamwork without meetings, which helped us in short term. But we quickly realised that we need some kind of forum to be successful as a team. So, we chose the happy medium. Have meetings if you really have to, but use the right tools. We are happy to present to you the team meeting toolbox:

  1. Before having a meeting STOP and ask yourself, should you really have a meeting?
  2. If you still have to have a meeting – use Team Meeting Checklist in order to be prepared and make sure you are not wasting anybody’s time and money
  3. During the meeting – use Team Meeting Timer that makes sure you won’t waste another second
  4. Put an end to status meetings with Weekdone. In-between meetings, use Weekdone to get insights into your team and see the weekly employee progress.
Are you ready to jump on board and join the revolution? Join us to declare a war against unproductive team meetings? Take a look at the free Team Meeting Toolbox and you’ll find a solution to stop unproductive meetings. Your next team meeting is going to be awesome.