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It's not enough to set goals and objectives. You need to think them through. Goals and objectives are only helpful if they're SMART.

Although having a vision is required of every leader and manager, sometimes this vision is just wrong.

It may be unachievable, not measurable or unrelated to your company's long term plans.

To avoid the fake work and meaningless dreaming, you must make sure you set SMART goals for yourself, your team and your company.

SMART Methodology.


We've talked about SMART goals before, as we use it widely in Weekdone and it is one of the best ways to make sure, all your work matters.

SMART is an acronyme for:

  • Specific – they are clearly understood by everyone in the team

  • Measurable – you can always get a clear idea of how well you're doing
  • Achievable – when planning, there's no point in deciding to fulfill all dreams in a year. Make sure you think what you really could do.
  • Relevant – the goals you set must be important for your company. The goal shouldn't be "Let's hire 20 people" but "Let's increase the revenue enough in order to hire 20 people."
  • Time-bound – they have a specific due date for completion to resist the urge to say "okey, we'll do it next year."

Combining goals.

All these metrics minimize  the chance, that you'll move in the wrong direction. And they all work combines.

If your goal is relevant, it must already be specific but you also have had to set a timeline to say what can be measured,

SMART goals take away the excuses like "we'll do it next year" or "it never was achievable anyway." When the time is up, your forced to face the reality. The good news is, that if you failed you get a clear overview of what you must to better next time.

Using SMART for OKRs.

Objectives and Key Results is widely popular goal setting methodology (loved by Google!) that is also a vital part of Weekdone's software. Like with all other goals, SMART can and should be used here.

SMART OKRs are quick and easy to set up and they make your company more successful. Why not try it out with your team?