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Coworkers, bosses, clients. They are all wondering how do they possess such limitless power to stay positive in the hardest conditions imaginable. They use their Positivity Shield to fight off every negative vibe in the company.

Captain Positivity

According to their strength, you can spot Captain Positivity by looking for people who are generous with praise and always quick to smile. Their glass is half full if not all the way full. People tend to want to be around them, because they have a knack for making work more fun, exciting and vital. Usually, they are the ones who raise everybody else above their daily frustrations. Last but not least, chances are that they are the funniest ones in your team.

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In case you recognized yourself, we have some recommendations for you to enhance your talent even more. Choose a role where you can motivate and inspire others. That might be a mentor or a leadership role. Use your abilities to plan special activities or surprises for your friends and colleagues.

Furthermore, use tools like Weekdone to give feedback and praise to others for their weekly accomplishments. In addition, Weekdone helps you to show your accomplished tasks, so that others can appreciate you for the hard work you've done.

In addition, make sure you use your “Positivity Shield” to protect yourself from negative people who might drag you down. Also, some people might think you are naive and that you don't take work seriously enough. To combat that, help the critics understand that you do in fact understand the difficulties, but you choose to only focus on the bright side of things.

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