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Batman would have made a terrible office worker.

It's not because he is not awesome and not because Bruce Wayne (based on his uprising and family wealth) should have been a spoiled brat. Batman would have been a terrible office worker because all his best skills were in different areas (mostly in being a badass superhero who saves Gotham daily).

10 Superheroes at Work

The same applies to most of the workforce.

A lot of managers want good office workers who do what they are told without any regard to what employee's superpowers are (and if you think you nor your co-workers have any superpowers, try our superpower quiz and see what sort of superhero are you).

Make the best use of your employees

To get the best result in your team or a company, it's important to make sure each employee has a chance to use their strengths aka superpowers, at work.

Take this QUIZ to discover your inner Superhero at work.

Professor X was really good at it (mind reading helps). When leading the X-Men he made sure that these mutants with different destructive skills managed to get the work done. He even got Wolverine to cooperate most of the time.

That required some shrewd leadership.

The principle is „let people do what they do best" and don't be too stuck in the exact tasks the position requires.

Of course, people must do the work they are paid to do. But at the same time a good manager finds out what the employees are best at and encourages them to develop those skills. The idea is similar to Google's famous 20% side project time but it should probably not be so extreme.

You don't have to give employees unlimited alone time and their personal development should always be evaluated. (you don't want to be the manager who let's employees create the Ultron). You can use Weekdone to make sure you have a clear overview about everything employees are doing and an easy way to give them feedback.

Yet, making sure your employees develop their superpowers and make them work for your company, is something every manager should think about.

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10 Superheroes at work