Assign items to other team members

A feature you’ve asked for is now live: assigning items to others in Weekdone. Many of you use Weekdone as a lightweight task management tool, where this was needed.

Delegate, remind, notify …

There are multiple use cases where this comes handy:

  • Remind a co-worker of something
  • Hand over a task when you’ve finished your part
  • Give tasks to your employees as a manager
  • Delegate a problem outside your control

There are no rules. Use it however it fits in your team.

How to assign tasks

Assigning task is simple. First way is to forward an existing item from your form. Just open the hover popover and choose Assign. Choose a co-worker from list of teams and persons and click it. They’ll have the item on their form now and get notifications on mobile and via e-mail.

Assigned items have the name of originator at the end, e.g. “via George”.  If you hand over an item multiple times, it has the last person’s name. There is no acceptance or approval process right now.

The assigned item always goes to the Plans section, even if you originate it from some other category. The thinking here is whatever you send to someone, they need to act somehow, so it is up to them to choose where they move it later on. We mean here the Plans section in general, even if you use a custom template or have renamed the category.

Another way available just for managers and admins is to assign tasks is to go to other person’s form, choose the appropriate section and click the “+ Assign a new item” line.

Give it a try.