Better Asana and Atlassian JIRA reporting in Weekdone

Update: Our new special Asana reporting and dashboard product was just launched. Read more here or see to try it out.

Our Asana and Atlassian JIRA reporting import integrations just got better. Use Weekdone now to generate a nice high-level report of key tasks planned and accomplished and share that with your team or your manager.

Now you can choose, which types of tasks and items to import and into which categories to put them in your report.

Previously we allowed to import just closed tasks from Asana and closed and resolved statuses from JIRA to Weekdone Progress.

If you now go to your Import Settings and connect JIRA or Asana, you can create rules defining which status type goes into which Weekdone category. Use the “Add new rule” for JIRA or choose from dropdowns for Asana.

Asana Jira import

For JIRA, there can be as many custom status types as you have.

For Asana, we have just 2 types: open tasks and completed tasks.

How would you like to see Asana and Atlassian JIRA reporting and dashboards improved even further? Any specific requests? We’re all ears here at Weekdone.