Explaining and "selling" Weekdone to your team

They key to great Weekdone usage is how you as a manager or team leader explain and "sell" Weekdone to your team. Without a good buy-in from everyone a good implementation is very hard. Weekdone is half a technical tool, half a good process that is customized and applicable to your company culture, values and goals. Getting it up and running involves three parts: understanding the benefits, defining your ideal process and explaining it to your team.

1. Understand the benefits

First, start from reading the Team Member Benefits section on the Weekdone benefits page. Think through how each point there could help your people. Also review the benefits to you, the manager, on the same page.

Do your employees want to get more done and be more productive, by doing the right things? Could a system like Weekdone that keeps their key tasks in front of them make them more focused and productive? When used right, having 5 or so key task goals in front of a person makes them much more focused on big important goals.

Do they want to get feedback, ideas and praise from co-workers? This starts from sharing stuff with each other and goes on to team feedback.

Do your people want to be heard more by you, their leader – and get more feedback and guidance from you? Weekdone has a lot of tools for that: comments, like, the manager's weekly review. Not enough feedback from managers is no 1 problem in most HR surveys. We give you the tools, but you as a manager must use them regularly. Your people will appreciate it.

Also think what other benefits there will be not to you, but to your people from knowing what others do and having a regular 2-way communication channel between everyone.

2. Define your company's ideal team communication process

After defining the benefits and goals, think how you would like your people to use Weekdone.

To reap all the benefits, ideally, the best way for everyone is to use Weekdone daily in real time as you go – not just once or twice per week. We describe this more in detail here. Make it an integral part of everyone's daily routine to share their information via Weekdone and read the Buzz timeline feed, adding their comments and likes.

Another option is use Weekdone just once or twice per week, but we do not suggest that. You still get and read the weekly Weekdone e-mail report in any way, but it should not be the only thing. Daily communication via our mobile apps and web is what makes your team work as one and accumulate knowledge from each other. Explain that to your people.

3. Explain and roll it out 

This is most important. The best way to roll out Weekdone is at a team or company all hands meeting, face to face. Don't think only sending out the invitations is enough.

Start by describing what Weekdone is and what benefits there are, both for the employees as well as the managers. Accept questions, discuss it with the team.

Then try to get a buy-in from everyone or at least the majority, that you try out Weekdone at least for 4 weeks and see how it goes. Have people really agree to enter their plans and progress, but also comment, like and check the buzz feed daily.

You should also explain to your people, that:

  • Ideally they should not have more than 5 items under their plans at any time. 5 is a good manageable number that makes sure they focus on key big important items. Tell them that others read your plans as well. If they start listing tens of small detailed tasks you cause an information overload for others. Weekdone is not a task manager, it's a team communication tool first.
  • When adding items, keep one thing in mind: word everything for others to understand, not just yourself. Don't use 1-2 word tasks like you would in a task manager. Use longer sentences, commentary, background etc. Always think, if co-workers and manager will understand and learn something from what you wrote. Good wording is a key to successful Weekdone usage.

Need some help?  Our account management team is ready to give you a video demo webinar or just discuss how to implement Weekdone in your team. E-mail us at hello@weekdone.com and we'll get back to you right away. You can also use the Live chat feature on the site, just click the tab below.