Happy 4th Birthday, Weekdone!

It's our birthday today. Exactly 4 years ago we flipped the switch on our beta version. By now you've posted over 2.3 million items. "Know what's happening in your team" was our first tagline. It's great to know that it has stood the test time. Weekdone is still the best way to know what your team is doing and planning. Happy customers on all continents are the proof. Thank you all!

Today we launch Weekdone 3, our newest version. This one is all about you, the Superhero at Work, feeling accomplished and motivated. Have a look and try it out.

Here are our 4 successful years visualized:

Weekdone 4 Years - Version 3

So much has happened. We have been profitable for close to 2 years, growing our team and customer base. The President visited our office. We've received numerous design awards and won pitching contests. Weekdone has been covered by major media. Our slides and infographics have gotten over 1 million views. Apple features us on their key pages as "Best of Productivity". What a ride.

Superheroes at Work

Over time you, our users have posted over 2.3 million items. Over 300 thousand objectives and key results have been set. You've also posted over 390 thousand comments and 160 thousand likes on those items. It's good to know 58% of the weekly items have been progress, 30% plans and only 5% problems.

While the majority of Weekdone users hail from English-speaking countries, we have users all across the world, in hundreds of countries. You come in all ages, from young to old. Everyone wants to be a superhero at work. To learn more about how others use Weekdone, read our customer case studies.

Become a superhero. Try out the new shiny Weekdone 3.

Weekdone 4 Years - Version 3