How to Handle Superheroes at Work

I love Superheroes.

I’m not going to talk about which one is my favorite, who I think is the most powerful one or who has had the biggest impact on popular culture.

I love Superheroes in general.

Superheroes empower the belief that we can be more, do more and achieve more than ordinary people usually do. The popularity of Superheroes shows that most people can at some level connect with deeply flawed characters that use each ability they have to do great things and live full lives.

A team effort

Although single Superhero is cool a group of Superheroes is a lot more cooler.

superheroes at work

Just look at the Avengers.

For me the most interesting thing about Avengers (or Gotham’s Rise of the Villains storyline) is how extraordinary people, who are used to doing their own thing, must come together, communicate and form a team to make the biggest stories happen.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a good story if it was easy. In Avengers it takes Phil Coulson death to make idealistic Captain America and narcissistic Tony Stark work together (don’t worry he got better).

Most of Marvel’s Agents of Shield‘s first season was about how people with different backgrounds need to come together. In here it was mostly thanks to their leader’s vision that they managed to get this team working.(Once again, Phil Coulson).

We want everyone in the office to be a Superhero. But we also want them to work as a team, so here are my observations on how to make it work.

Have a manager with a vision

Anyone who runs a Superhero team must be a Superhero themselves. But they also must have a clear vision for what the team wants to achieve. The manager must sometimes also be a little manipulative (like Nick Fury) but not so much that he alienates employees. Make sure you know what everyone’s doing, how it contributes to the vision and give feedback so employees know what’s going on.

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Make sure everyone knows the goal

It’s important for a leader to communicate team’s and company’s goals to the Superheroes so they know where they must go (for not to become a villain).

Only when the goals are clear and the Superheroes want to accomplish them, can they do great things as a team.

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