Employee Status Reporting and Why You Need it

Effective employee status reporting system is maybe one of the hardest systems to implement in a team. An employee status report may seem like a waste of time for many employees but it's vital for running an effective team.

Status Reports: The Benefits, Breakdown and Best Practices for Your Team - Weekdone

Status reporting has many perks for both managers and employees. If you want to read about it in detail, take a look at Weekdone Academy.

Employee status reporting

Knowing What Everyone Is Doing

For managers knowing what everyone's doing is vital. But it also gives employees a sense of what's going on.

This shows employees how their work influences others and increases motivation to be better at their jobs. Knowing what everyone in the team is up to is probably one of the most important perks of status reporting.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is one of the key things to increase employee engagement which currently is very low and costs businesses a lot of money.

Feedback from managers (either praise or encouragement) can go a long way to make employees feel better about the work they're doing.

Increasing Collaboration

The more collaboration in the company, the more the teams achieve. Employee status reporting leads to more discussions and more bright ideas

Letting Employees Show What They're Good At

For many employees (especially the Millenials), it's important to show what they have done. Employees want to know that their manager cares about them enough to pay attention to their work and employee status reporting gives you them that chance.

For Managing Remote Workers

Without status reporting, managing remote workers is simply not possible. Not only it's important to get regular feedback from remote workers (as you wont meet at the water-cooler), the feedback and collaboration helps them feel more like they're part of a team.

If you're still not convinced that employee status reporting is something you need, try Weekdone and see for yourself.