Weekdone – A Team of Superheroes

What a year at Weekdone… We have grown over 4 times in revenue and from a team of 5 to a team of 8 and growing. Furthermore, we have surpassed every start-up’s nightmare – we are cash flow positive since January.

For those, who are not familiar with Weekdone, it is an internal communication tool to build transparent, focused and productive teams.

Weekdone - Team of Superheroes

In Weekdone, We believe that great teams build great products and every team member must strive for the best in their field of expertise.

Besides that internal belief we really didn’t have a written culture statement until a few months ago. So how did we end up with such great results?

The answer is two-folded.

Paradoxically, getting better and always improving is written into our product and we use it daily.

We set and monitor our progress by using short-term Plan-Progress-Problems reporting. In addition, our quarterly goals always make sure our short-term plans are aligned with the long-term plans. We and the product aim for efficiency at all times.

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.” – Aristotle

Second reason behind our growth has been the team. Each of us bring something different to the table. We believe that diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth.

Who are we and what makes us special? I am glad to introduce to you Weekdone’s team of Superheroes.

Jüri “Adaptique” Kaljundi –  Weekdone Founder, Product Manager

Jüri - Weekdone founder

Jüri is the CEO of Weekdone, founder, product and development manager, customer support, HR manager, accountant and on top of that, a serial entrepreneur. Oh, and he is a licensed pilot who has logged over hundred flight hours.

I have been always in “awe” of his ability to successfully shift his role accordingly. I have sometimes mistaken him for a multitasker, but actually that is his biggest talent – adapting to every situation without blinking an eye. Somehow he manages to still remain productive in the midst of his endless duties. That is probably something all the other start-up founders can relate with.

He is the one that keeps us happy, motivated and focused.

Janek “Data Man” Hiis – Weekdone Cofounder, Developer


Janek is our teams genius, he will probably deny it and would ask me to prove it. To start of, he is responsible for programming all the parts of Weekdone’s product, which for one man is a lot. Jüri has estimated that he is running a four-person development team all by himself. On top of that, he is doing customer support as well. We are all wondering how does he do it, but the secret lies behind his logic and analytical ability.

He is quiet, rarely seen in the office and when he does speak up, it is thought-out and calculated. I’ve probably had about 10 conversations with him and calling it a conversation is a lot. Nevertheless, he is always the one who has an answer when nobody else doesn’t have a clue what is going on. His logic and analytical ability is the reason why we have such a good and reliable product that clients love.

Veli “Clash” Veromann – Weekdone Cofounder, Designer

veli - weekdone cofounder

Veli is a designer like no other I have worked with. He is agile and quick, most importantly his quality never suffers. If he doesn’t like the brief or the subject matter, he just finds a way how to make it “cool”.

I have to say, as a copywriter I have a hard time keeping up. When I finish telling him what kind of design I would like, he already has the initial sketch ready. Somehow he is always one step ahead of the game.

When he is not designing for Weekdone, he is reading books or giving lectures on graphic design. He is always on the top of his game and I have a funny feeling that the only one that he has left to compete with is himself.

In case you’re wondering which Superhero are you, take this QUIZ.

Alexander “Dr. Futuristic” Maasik – Content writer, PR


On the outside, he seems laid back, sometimes even slow. If I wouldn’t have his weekly reports, I would think he is not working at all. After getting to know him better, I now know that under his laid back demeanor, he is actually thinking about the future and plotting the next big idea for the coming article.

I must admit, I challenge him a lot and at first he listens, takes it in, sleeps on it and the next morning he sends me a piece which has all the little things I wanted and more. That “more” is what makes him special – Futuristic. He can envision ideas and storylines like nobody else.

He is even ahead of time during our work day. He usually wakes up at 5 and starts the day with a new piece of content. By the time I role in the office, he already has the story ready, thought-out and polished as always.

Helena “Combatman” Semm – Designer


Helena is our newest addition to the design team and from day one she keeps delivering amazing designs. Although she is still finishing her studies, she is the type of person you don’t have to tell how and why things should be done. She has that inner sense of mission and responsibility to produce perfect results.

Helena strives for perfection and takes an ownership of everything she commits to, whether large or small. She would sometimes even work off-hours to get the little details just right. We are glad to have her, because her inner drive for excellence also rubs off on others.

Jason “Professor E” Dydynski – Sales and customer support


Jason has an unique ability to see the world through the eyes of others. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect guy for interacting with our clients. In addition to his vast sense of empathy, he is equipped with all kinds of skills. He speaks 4 languages, is an expert in semiotics and has an endless supply of enthusiasm.

Because of his talent and skills, clients love him. We have had occasions, when clients even ask him to call more often. He listens and knows intuitively what you need help with.

Adrian “Wooperman” Young – Head of Sales


For Adrian, there are no strangers, only friends he hasn’t met. He has a talent for Winning Others Over – hence the name, Wooperman. He is loaded with charisma and an “English” charm that will knock your socks off.

At our office parties, he is the one mingling and always working the room. He is not afraid of small talk and always has a story or few to share. Even when he is not working, he is making a sale. Sale of getting new friends.

He is the one that makes sure we have plenty of happy customers.

Ott “Captain Positivity” Jõgi – Marketing Manager


Alexander describing Ott:

Ott loves communicating and working together as a team. Whether it’s our next marketing campaign or a plan to go out after work, Ott makes sure that we would have fun doing it.

And he doesn’t let us stop before we get results.

Luckily for all, working with him lifts our spirit as Ott has a knack for keeping conversations motivating and above all positive.

Although, we are all very different, we still have one thing in common, we all want to be the best in our field.

Yours truly,

Weekdone – Team of Superheroes

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