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I bet there's not a single soul that loves inefficient team meetings. They tend to decrease your productivity and consume a lot of time.

As David Grady puts it, we are in the middle of global epidemic, illness known as MAS – Mindless Accept Syndrome. It's an involuntary reflex in which a person accepts a meeting invitation without even thinking why. Actually, it's quite common among office workers worldwide.

Yet, teamwork without meetings is impossible. Trust me, we've tried it, banning all meetings doesn't get you too far. Declaring a war on inefficient team meetings, on the other hand, yields for great results.

What's the solution to inefficient meetings?

If you lack Steve Jobs's courage to ask the least important person at the meeting to leave. Or if you don’t possess Donald Rumsfeld's physical strength to hold standup meetings, then we have the second best solution for you. It's called the Team Meeting Toolbox , which is a toolbox containing necessary equipment  helping you take lead of your meeting time.

Do you need another team meeting?
As featured in ArcticStartup our toolbox aims to fight against unproductive meetings that cost US businesses alone $37 billion a year. This revolution is not something that is only close to our hearts. It's a fight each team is secretly plotting.

After all, 3 out of 5 employees report that status update meetings take almost 10 hours a week, 4.6 hours spent on preparations and 4.5 hours spent attending the meetings itself.

Yes, people attending these status update meetings would rather watch paint dry. I hope there's no doubt that we truly need a revolution in this field. We'll provide you with the necessary tools, or even a toolbox and you just need some commitment.

How the team meeting toolbox works?

It's easy. Half of the work has been done for you anyways. Before your next meeting go to teammeeting.co and take a look around. You'll find great tools that help you before the meeting, during the meeting and in-between meetings.

Before the meeting use the Team Meeting Checklist. Take 5 minutes to go through the checklist and create a meeting invite including the most crucial details. The system will send an automatically compiled email to all participants, summarizing details and ground rules for the upcoming meeting. This simple solution acts as a meeting reminder for the participants and social pressure tool to honor the effective meeting criteria for the leader. Furthermore, it provides a fantastic base for giving feedback and reflecting on the progress.

During the meeting use the Meeting Timer. In the beginning of the meeting, tap on the face of the timer to set its length. The countdown will start automatically. Make time tangible and make sure you don't waste another minute. Finish the meeting when the timer runs out.

The timer is available online and on Google play. Let's all start and finish our meetings on time and make sure another minute won't go to waste again.

In-between the meetings we suggest you to use weekly progress reporting. It's a perfect way to keep an eye on everyone's progress during the week. Forget the boring status update meetings, use weekly reporting instead. You'll always be aware of what is done, planned next or causing problems. During meetings, head straight to strategic matters like the Whole Foods Market has done.


Here's also a slideshow to give you an overview of the toolbox:

How to turn ineffective meetings into productive ones? from Weekdone.com

There's no more time to waste. Go to teammeeting.co and make your next meeting awesome! Don't hesitate to give feedback. What kind of tools would you like to experiment with next?