Introduction to Tracking Progress of Employees

Tracking progress is one of the most important tasks for managers and leaders. So what is the best way for tracking progress?

For us the best methodology for tracking employee progress is PPP – Plans, Progress, Problems (that is also the core function of Team Compass weekly progress reports).

Tracking progress on Weekdone
Tracking progress is the most important task for managers and leaders.

Tracking progress means answering 2 key questions:

  • What have employees done? (Progress)
  • What are employees doing (Plans)

PPP adds a third question to track: what problems are employees facing.

Let’s say you have 3 people working for you and you need to know what they’re doing every week.

With PPP you’d ask them give a report every Friday that answers these questions:

Plans for next week:

Progress from this week:


Ideally you answer those questions with bullet-points. You don’t want them spend too much time writing the report but they must write down all important tasks.

Like this.

Progress from this week:

  • Wrote an article about PPP for our blog to help people use PPP.

Progress tracking should be ongoing not something to do at the end of each quarter. PPP encourages weekly progress tracking. If you want a more detailed guide, you can check out Status Reporting template.

In Team Compass, employees input a weekly report that says what they have done, what they are planning and what are their problems.

Weekdone then generates a weekly progress report for the manager who can from that easily track employee’s work.

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