Leadership Survey Results: How Much Employee Feedback is Needed

Last week in our first leadership survey we asked you 3 quick questions of giving feedback to employees. Thanks to all of you the results are now in. Here is what we found out.

Importance of regular weekly feedback


First question was about how important and value-building you as leaders all consider regular weekly feedback.

A whopping 86% of you considered it either important or very important. Which is true.

In all HR surveys the first thing employees usually say is lack of feedback and input from their leaders and managers. Never miss that.

Theory vs. practice of giving feedback


Where things differ is actually giving the feedback. What we found out was while 87% consider feedback should be given daily or weekly, only 67% actually do that.

And while nobody thought feedback should be given just annually or quarterly, a whole 20% of leaders still do it so rarely.

Almost 50% of the leaders taking part in the survey agreed they should give feedback more often.

So you all know what to do now. Go and give your people some valuable input and feedback, be it via Weekdone or face to face. Just do it.