The Learning Center helps teach you everything you need to know about Weekdone and it's usage.

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The Basics

The Learning Center gives you everything you need to get up and running with Weekdone. It goes over everything from the basic principles to how you can incorporate Weekdone in your company culture.

Start in this section to understand how Weekdone can benefit your team and company, and then move onto Theory, Setup, and Usage when you're ready to for more detailed implementation guidance. 

How Weekdone Works - Weekly Planning & OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Tool

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Theory, Setup, and Usage

Doing the right things to set-up and implement Weekdone from the start is critical to your long term success.

This section goes into more detail about what you need to do to get the platform ready for your team and how to start using yourself. We will also detail the steps you can take to better incorporate Weekdone into your company culture and processes.

Weekdone Product Demo and Walk-through

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Additional Materials

Read through extra resources and sites you may find helpful.

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