Management Tools: Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity – all those things, while being buzzwords, also represent important metric for a manager. The more satisfied your employees are, the more engaged they'll be in their work. So a manager needs to keep their employees happy.

The trick is, that every person is different. While some prefer to work alone or remotely, others like the buzz of a office or free food available at work. Some, especially millennials, are more satisfied when they get daily feedback, others can be best described as lone wolves.

Managers create employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction

As a manager, it's your job to figure out what your team needs and provide it for them. And this is not easy. It's shown by the fact that 70% of the workforce is disengaged and not enjoying their job. This requires trust between you and your team and the only way to create trust is to have open communications.

Weekly reporting increases trust.

Trust is something that can't happen overnight. It's mostly created b shared experience and working together. In this process managers can either be a positive force or they can destroy trust before it has a chance to bloom.

Using weekly reporting tools like Weekdone encourages people to share their experiences more which increases trust and team spirit.

Weekly reporting also has many other perks for both managers and employees. Most notably it makes sure managers know what everyone is doing without wasting a lot of time. As Scott Wolfe Jr, CEO of Zlien told us: “Weekdone as a tool offers instant high-level visibility and information on what is going on with your company objectives.”

If you want to read more about weekly reporting in detail, take a look at Weekdone Academy.

When team spirit is high and trust is established, employee satisfaction will rise. And very soon these buzzwordly metric will turn into measurable results.