Maximum Productivity for 5 Minutes per Day

It is really annoying.

It feels like everyday we’re expected to be more productive than Elon Musk on Red Bull. (Disclaimer: I have no idea if Mr. Musk drinks energy drinks or not, but it’s a good metaphor).

The point is that the pressure for being a machinelike superman is really tiresome. So much so, that a lot of people spend their time procrastinating and Googling “How to be productive.”

In the past, I’ve tried to answer the question by writing infographics on lifehacks and reading articles on how to remove sleeping from your daily routine. However, the time it takes to do any of that could be much better spent on sleeping. Plus getting enough sleep is very important for getting work done.

By the way: here is a sleeping squirrel named Derrek.

The solution to “How to be productive” turns out to be our Holiday Calendar of Productivity. Check it out.

Many of us are worried about getting things done before the year’s end. We’re frustrated by the need to finish our quarterly OKRs. Not to mention an increased heart rate thinking about the end of the year review that is inevitably coming our way.

We’ve summoned Derrek and his forest friends to send us (and you) daily productivity tips for the next few weeks.

Importance of Productivity.

As one of the Lifehacks we once wrote tells us: nothing is more important than workplace productivity, and our Holiday Calendar will help you get things done and stay sane until January.

After the Holidays, we advise you to print out all these tips and glue them to your wall.

Look at them, and stay positive throughout the year.


Over the next 3 weeks each workday, Derrek and his friends will offer you a motivating productivity tip. You can check the calendar daily, but it’s easier to just have them sent to your email.

For those who subscribe to our squirrel productivity tips, there are also a few presents you might find.

Sharing the squirrels will help you win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Derrek and his forest friends are brought to life by Weekdone goal setting app, which strives to increase productivity every day of the year. Try it out.