One form in multiple Weekdone teams

Last summer many of you asked for a feature where one person can have multiple forms in different teams. For example a manager or team leader can have one report in the upper management / CEO team, and another one down to the team members. This can be because of privacy and confidentiality issues, or just for one to be more detailed with smaller tasks and another more high-level. Many are using Weekdone like that.

We improved the system and now you can also have one person belonging to multiple teams with one form.

You can turn on the “one form in multiple teams” feature on Template Settings page. Look for the checkbox “Users have same report in all teams”, enable it and click “Update” at down bottom.

The setting applies to all users, so you can’t mix and match the one or multiple forms features for different employees.

The are a few limitations though to be able to enable it:

1. All teams must use the same template.

2. All teams must use the same schedule. 

The reasons are obvious. If you would have a different weekday schedule, it would be a mess for your co-workers, as mixing together someone’s week’s beginning’s plans and another one’s progress would create chaos. Same for templates: if you want to belong to different teams, you could not do that if the categories are different.

So you win some, but have to compromise a bit as well. We still hope it helps those of you who have asked for this.