The Most Extraordinary People: Leaders

Being a great leader requires a devotion unparalleled to anything. You also need to know what leadership skills are. The core ideas are that stamina and a semi-flexible vision will bring your ideas to the top.

But, what are other ideas for what leadership skills are?

Having all those traits that raise you high, can be a burden.

You know, you have value, you know, that people follow you. You also know, that, on most of the days, you are good at your job.

If this is how you see yourself, I have bad news for you.

You have a serious ego problem.

Marshall Goldsmith on leadership

The best leaders stay humble and remember, that in a shifting business climate, success also often comes thanks to luck.

Yes, you must, among other things, be talented to run a business, but that is not a reason to become snooty. Becoming successful is not a show of your remarkable skill, it just means that, now, the bar is set even higher and you must work even harder to prove yourself.

You must also remember, that success is never the work of a one single person. Success comes from team-work, collaboration and the ideas of every engaged person in your team.

Although your ego may argue that those people would never achieve anything without your leadership, this thinking quickly leads to having no team at all. Don’t forget, according to Gallup, the number one reason people quit their jobs is their bosses.

A study by Catalyst shows that when employees observe altruistic and selfless acts by their leaders and managers, they feel more included in the team.

This leads to a better engaged workforce who are able to achieve more, expand more and who truly value your leadership.

In Weekdone we value leaders for their hard work and determination. We want to give them the best tools possible for managing their team, keeping employees engaged and soothing the way to success.

Weekdone’s weekly progress reports help to keep a team, working in an office or remotely, in the loop about what’s going on with minimum bureaucracy and paperwork.

We also want leaders and managers to have an easy way to understand what people are doing and see how things could be improved.

In the end it all comes back to knowing what leadership skills are. Are you better than everyone because your company is successful or are you successful because your team is better than others?

Why should you stay humble and on the same level with the guys next to the water-cooler? Because those guys will make you rich.