Top 10 Differences Between Managers and Leaders [VIDEO]

When you talk to many top leaders and ask them how they manage their staff, you get a simple answer. They don’t. Instead, they lead them. They’re not managers – they’re leaders.

What’s the difference? Here’s how Scott Williams, an entrepreneur, speaker, strategist, consultant and a respected thought leader has put it in the video below.

Leaders believe in you. They encourage you to do and be more. They challenge you do dream and think big, both spiritually as well as professionally. If needed, they also correct you, if you’re a bit off balance.

Leaders develop followers. Managers manage people. Truth to be told, you need both.

Leaders are not afraid of positional equity or formal authority. They know, they’re in the business of creating a tribe.

Watch the full video here, and then continue with the 10 key points Scott lists below the video:

Scott compares management and leadership in 10 points:

1. Essence. Managers are about stability, leaders about change.

2. Rules. Managers make the rules, leaders break the rules.

3.  Approach. Managers plan details, leaders set direction.

4. Culture. Leaders shape the culture, managers execute it.

5. Conflict. Managers avoid it, leaders use it as an asset.

6. Direction. Managers choose the safe existing roads, leaders make new roads.

7. Credit. Managers take credit, leaders give credit to others.

8. Decisions. Managers make the decisions, leaders facilitate them.

9. Vision. Managers tell it, leaders sell it.

10. Style. Managers are transactional, leaders are transformational.

People don’t want to be managed, they want to be led. They wanna follow a leader. Be a leader and world changer.

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