The Doors Are Open: Introducing Weekdone API

Have you ever wanted to build on something top of Weekdone? Now you can. Today we’re happy to introduce the Weekdone API for developers. Use it to extend Weekdone and build any custom add-ons, widgets or applications you like.

Weekdone is working great for weekly team reporting and collaboration as it is, but the API will open the doors even wider. Think of all the visualizations of data about your team already inside Weekdone. Think of new ways to enter data or get it out into other apps. The world is your oyster.

Weekdone API is a RESTful interface, providing read/write access to most of the data and functions in Weekdone system. The API supports JSON output. Authentication is via Oauth2.


You can find the full API documentation at

To add a new application you should register it first under your Company’s Applications Settings page

What can be built?

Here are just some ideas of things you could build using the Weekdone API:

  • Imports and exports to any system or service
  • Your internal dashboards and visualizations
  • Custom e-mail reports
  • Sharing Weekdone data or reports to your social collaboration tools
  • Mobile clients and mobile views
  • Browser add-ons
  • Command-line access to Weekdone
  • Etc

Try it now. What will you build? Let us know.

Any questions? Our development team is happy to get you started and advise you. E-mail us at