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There are many communication tools out there. Each of them has its benefits. Weekdone, for example, is based on the philosophy of "less is more" and very high-level updates. We're all about the 5-7 key plans and accomplishments or a few quarterly OKRs from each team member, making sure both leaders and co-workers read every single one of them. Anything more than that and updates are left unread.

On the other end of the spectrum are the real-time messaging apps like Slack. In those services, you have a constant (although often unmanageable) stream of hundreds or even thousands of small detailed chat updates per day. Unlike in Weekdone, you never imagine people to read everything there.

That's why Weekdone and beloved Slack are a great match to be used together. There is no either-or. The best results come from using each for its own benefits. Weekdone is about communicating key facts and high-level opinions to others. Slack is about chatting, everyday work details and even water-cooler talk.

Connecting Slack with Weekdone

To connect Slack to Weekdone, go to weekdone.com/slack and follow the steps as described.

First, make sure you are logged into Weekdone. Click Connect Slack and authorize access to your Slack account.

The following step is the most technical, luckily just one Slack administrator has to do it. It's called setting up a slash command. You'll find the link to add the slash command in step 3 – here it is also for your convenience.

For Choose a Command, enter /weekdone and click Add Slash Command:


In Integration Settings that opens, enter URL https://weekdone.com/slash/new as the URL and leave method as POST:


Check the "Show this command in the autocomplete list" and add a helpful description for the Weekdone command, like "Add items from Slack to Weekdone":


Copy the token from Slack page and paste it to Weekdone when asked. Save Integration in Slack. You should be all set.

Now go to your Slack and see if a command /weekdone help works. You should see output like:


These are the commands you can now use to enter data to Weekdone from Slack:

/weekdone plan [xyz]

/weekdone progress [xyz]

/weekdone problem [xyz]

where [xyz] is the item to be added to Weekdone.

Enjoy! And tell us, what would you like to see in Weekdone Slack integration next?