Planning Weekly Saves You Hours of Doing


Weekly planning is important to finally achieve those goals and objectives you’ve set up for yourself. Taking one step at a time and steering towards the goals is the best strategy. Although there is a fine line between planning and overplanning, it’s the risk you need to take.

[Tweet “1 hour of proper weekly planning will save you 10 hours of doing”]

Weekly planning is one step towards more productive week and it will help you beat the procrastination. To continue this talk we suggest you to end this week successfully and start a new one with planning your tasks ahead. Spend just 1 hour each Monday, or preferably on Friday, and save up to 10 hours of doing. To plan your activities, it’s important to think about the Eisenhower matrix. This will guide you on finding out what you need to focus on. Remember the golden rule, Pareto principle,  to do the most important 20 percent of the tasks, which results in 80 percent of the most important goals and objectives being achieved.

Some quick suggestions for weekly planning include:

  • write down what needs to be done;
  • prioritize;
  • learn to say “no”
  • focus real hard until you get it done
  • know what you should be doing on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • stick to your plan

This technique helps you save hours each week and be more relaxed when the next Monday comes. Did you know, according to statistics, 80% of people don’t want to go to work on Monday morning. When they do, the two most common things they say are “I have too many things to do” and “There’s not enough time to do it all”.  To fight this, start weekly planning routine that will soon help you overcome the fear of Mondays and keep you focused. An excellent weekly planning and achievement tracking method is the PPP (progress, plans, problems) process.