10 Tips On How To Be a Better Leader [Free Presentation Included]

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It can sometimes be difficult to be a rational, tough yet likeable leader. You may stumble onto asking yourself whether you are in fact a good leader. It is safe to say that every leader has traits that can be improved regardless of their resume or background. We have created a free informative presentation in the form of a 10-step checklist which can help you achieve your goals as an effective leader.

Even if you’re confident in your ability to lead, it always helps to have another look. You may learn something.

Without wasting too much time let’s get right into it. If you want to see all of the points in a presentation, scroll down to the end.

10 Ways to Build Stronger, More Successful Teams Presentation

Maybe you’d like to save all these tips and print them for your office? Save the 10 ways to build stronger, more successful teams infographic.

10 Ways to Build Stronger, More Successful Teams Tips

1. Give more praise and recognition

The one thing employees say they want at work: more feedback, praise and recognition from their manager. Find time for your people to tell some positive words – it’s crucial. Use modern online and mobile tools to give quick praise to your team weekly.

2. Set clear objectives and goals

Results are only as strong as the objectives you set. Use proven methodology like OKR – Objectives and Key Results. Google, LinkedIn and many others swear by it.

3. Study the future – not just the past

Seeing progress is good, but not when it’s shown too late – then it’s not actionable. Rather, know people’s daily and weekly plans. Seek input from employees on their next steps regularly. Check out the PPP – Plans, Progress, Problems methodology – it’s a simplistic, and highly popular weekly team status update framework used in eBay and Skype.

4. Seek input and ideas

64% leaders make decisions without seeking input

47% employers regularly seek input from employees

37% employers make changes based on the feedback

Your people have amazing ideas and insights. Employee pulse surveys are a great way to gather input from your team.

5. Give continuous feedback

Employees want feedback weekly – not bi-annually. You can read further on this topic in our post about why weekly responses facilitate more effective feedback.

6. Measure satisfaction

You can drive only what you measure. But, what is the best way to measure employee satisfaction and engagement?

7. Save time from meetings

Status update meetings can be replaced by online real-time tools such as Team Compass by Weekdone. Software that allows your team to update everyone on plans, progress, and problems on a weekly basis helps to increase engagement, productivity, and overall transparency in teams. Managers save time wondering what they’re employees are up to, as everything is shared to one space.

8. Ask about emotions and attitudes

Just as important as knowing about plans and progress is knowing how employees think and feel. Are they happy with their tasks? What do they say at the water cooler? Often you’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn.

9. Don’t be too negative

Don’t be the boss who’s remembered as grumpy cat. Always give much more positive feedback than negative. Remember the negativity bias = humans have a much greater recall of unpleasant memories compared with positive ones. What if you could be the leader to offer more positive experiences for your team?

10. Communicate openly

Learn to share weekly what you are thinking and doing. Expect the same from everyone in your team. Be the change! Set the example and others will join in.


As we mentioned, we suggest trying out Team Compass by Weekdone for FREE! For teams of 3 or less, you’ll have all the features for free. For larger teams, or companies with multiple teams, you can get it all for $29 / month (with a free trial) unlimited users!

Not only will you notice increased productivity, transparency, engagement and collaboration – but you’ll have an overview of what everyone is up to! As a manager, you don’t want to stay in the shadows. Be a better leader – try Team Compass today, see how you can easily implement the tips mentioned.