5 Add-ons and Applications to Get More Out of Basecamp

Basecamp add-on for reporting

So you’ve been using Basecamp, but would like to take more out of it? You can, by starting to use any of Basecamp add-ons and external applications that talk to your Basecamp. There are tons and tons of them and they range from Basecamp reporting and planning, time tracking, invoicing, accounting, planning and file synchronization to marketing, design and customer service. There’s a big chance that if you want to extend the usefulness of Basecamp, there is already an app for your special needs.

What are Basecamp add-ons and how do they work?

Let’s take the example of extending Basecamp reporting. Say you want to better understand what your team has done during the last week or what they plan for the next. Instead of going through all the project and todo-list pages in basecamp, you want one document, a clear linear visual report that lists everything. You want it e-mailed to you at regular intervals, be it weekly or monthly. Basecamp does not have such built-in regular reporting or a Basecamp dashboard. So you search the Basecamp add-ons list and find Weekdone, the Basecamp reporting app. Just one click to authorize via your Basecamp credentials and the app is up and running. That’s how many external apps work – they connect to Basecamp and either import or export data via their application interface.

5 Basecamp Add-ons to Try

Here are 5 add-ons we suggest you to try now. There are many more, the link to which you can find at the end of this article.

1. Toggl

Toggl is an insanely simple time tracking tool that works on web, with desktop widgets and mobile apps. Install the Toggl Button and start time tracking by just hovering over each Basecamp to-do item.

2. Weekdone

With a single click, Weekdone generates a beautiful visual Basecamp dashboard and e-mails it to you daily, weekly or monthly – just like the example described at the beginning of this blog post.

3. QuoteRoller

Quoteroller allows you to build beautiful proposals for Basecamp projects in minutes. The send them out with just one click.

4. Snapengage

Snapengage creates new Basecamp messages from SnapEngage Live Chats and Offline Contact Requests. We’ve been using Snapengage here at Weekdone for quite some time and love it. You can see it even here in the corner of our blog – try chatting to us.

You can find the list of all Basecamp add-ons here.