3 apps and add-ons to get more out of Asana

So you’ve been using Asana for task management, but would like to take more out of it? You can, by starting to use any of the add-ons and external applications that talk to your Asana. There are tens and tens of them and they range from Asana reporting and planning, file storage, web development, e-mail newsletters and time tracking to calendars and templates. There’s a big chance that if you want to extend the usefulness of Asana, there is already an app for your special needs.

What are Asana add-ons and how do they work?

Let’s take the example of extending Asana reporting. Say you want to better understand what your team has done during the last week or what they plan for the next. Instead of going through all the project and todo-list pages in Asana, you want one document, a clear linear visual report that lists everything. You want it e-mailed to you at regular intervals, be it weekly or monthly. Asana does not have such built-in regular reporting or a Asana dashboard. So you search the Asana apps list and find Weekdone, the Asana reporting app. Just one click to authorize via your Asana credentials and the app is up and running. That’s how many external apps work – they connect to Asana and either import or export data via their application interface.

3 Asana applications to try

Here are 5 add-ons we suggest you to try now. There are many more, the link to which you can find at the end of this article.

1. Harvest time tracking

Harvest is a time tracking and online invoicing application for freelancers & small businesses. The Harvest timer is built into the Asana task pane so you can track time for any task without leaving Asana. How cool is that.

2. Weekdone weekly report & dashboard

With a single click, Weekdone generates a beautiful visual Asana dashboard and e-mails it to you daily, weekly or monthly – just like the example described at the beginning of this blog post. See immediately, what your team achieved and planned.

3. Templana templates collection

Templana is a collection of templates for Asana. A template is a set of projects, headings, tasks and tags to help you get started right now. Whether you are building a house or tracking bugs, there is a template for you.

Besides being a super sexy calendar app – be it on the web or mobile – Sunrise is well connected to Asana. See your Asana tasks in Sunrise, and also edit them from your favorite calendar.

This was just a sample of Asana apps we love. You can find the full list of all Asana apps here.