OKR Presentation: Learn about Objectives and Key Results

Would you like to know more about OKR – Objectives and Key Results – the goal management method used by companies like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Sears? This OKR presentation is for you!

What you’ll find in the presentation slides:

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Weekdone OKR Presentation Slides

How To Introduce OKRs To Your Team

Introducing anything new to your managers, or team can seem overwhelming, but once everyone buys into the benefits of a goal-setting framework like Objectives and Key Results, you’ll be more focused, connected, and aligned on what really matters.

First things first, as a leader, you’ll want to make sure you have an organized template, or designated OKR software for planning, and tracking OKRs in your team. These OKR tools provide everyone a clear place to share goals, metrics, activities, plans, and any other relevant information.

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It’s equally important to discuss your goal management solution with others. Sharing this presentation is a great start! This lets others review the relevant history, examples, and success stories – showing the potential of this framework.

Become an OKR champion! The dedicated person to learning the OKR methodology and helping others in the company apply it successfully and systematically. As a manager, becoming an OKR champion will allow you to run a trial period with your team. Oftentimes, with a software subscription like Weekdone, OKR training is included! Your team works alongside a coach for 1 or 2 quarters. Go through the entire process and decide on the most optimal way the methodology works for you!  

Once your team has run a couple of successful quarters with OKRs, chances are, you’re ready to get that company-wide buy-in! You’re starting to see the benefits and you have some valuable real-world outcomes to share! If you’re still tracking with a template, now is the time to invest in an OKR software to simplify things for you. Test out a couple of the top OKR software to see which features are best for your needs!

That’s Not All

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