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The Objectives and Key Results methodology is getting more and more popular. Its ability to improve small & large companies alike has made it a desirable option from the smallest non-profit to the largest Fortune 500 corporations. It's a little tricky to get started with OKRs though. Hundreds of our clients at Weekdone have already asked us: What are OKRs? Do you have an OKR template? Can you share some OKR templates? So, we responded.

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Introducing OKR Templates

In order to give our clients the best chance to succeed, we created the OKR templates and examples website. We combined Excel, Word and software templates with over 100 OKR examples for different teams and departments. This will hopefully help with making your transition to OKRs as smooth as possible. With these templates, you can focus on setting only the best OKRs from the getgo. 

Here are the different formats of OKR Templates (click to open):

OKR examples

Click any of the Objectives to copy it to your clipboard. Click and drag the Key Result progress bar to see their ranges.

These are the OKR examples you can choose from to get started:

Just in case you are getting started with OKRs, here are all the materials you need. Also, we have provided you with videos and an infographic explaining what OKRs are and how to get started.

What Are OKRs And How To Get Started?