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Meetings. We’ve all been there. They can be dull and uninspiring. The worst meetings are the ones where you spend your time staring off into space and feel your energy drain out of you. And, according to The Muse, if you’re middle management you might spend 35% of your time in meetings. For upper managers, this number is even higher, reaching 50%.

While some meetings may leave you mentally drained, meetings are an important way to make big decisions and get an understanding about what is going on with various teams and the company.

Luckily, there are many different applications and tools that aim to improve the process and get the most out of your meetings. We’ve made a list of some that we like to use in our day to day work.

Before you start planning your meeting, you should always take a look at the Team meeting checklist and set up a timer, to make sure your meeting don’t run overtime.

Saving the world from meetings


Minute is an app for both mobile and desktop that aims to help you manage your meetings both before, during and after the meeting. You can set the agenda, import documents and send out the invites before the meeting and collaborate on meeting notes together during it.


Trello is a wonderful productivity and collaboration tool. And it can be easily used to manage your meetings as well. You can use a Trello board to share agendas with your team and get an overview what is discussed in meetings. They also have a few example boards you can draw inspiration from when setting up your agendas. is a simple webapp that allows you to take notes as the meeting is in progress. Afterwards, you can send those notes to all of the attendees. In addition to that, it is easy to use for scheduling meetings as it integrates with people’s calendars. But what makes it really stand out, is the fact it makes it easy to access any online communication tool you might need. Skype calls, Google Hangouts, Lync calls, and custom online conferencing solutions are built into the app for quick access with a single tap.

Wisembly Jam

Wisembly Jam is designed to automate the meeting progress. It allows you to review previous meetings and collaborate on the meeting notes. Our favorite features are the ability to poll participants.  You can also assign tasks to people right away to make sure tasks we discuss get assigned to the right person right away.


Twiddla is a web-based service that helps distributed teams meet virtually and collaborate in real time by providing tools to create mark-ups of live Web sites, uploaded images and documents, or a blank canvas. It’s an online whiteboard. And while they advertise themselves as a tool for teachers to use in classrooms, it is great for any meeting.


Use Weekdone’s weekly reports to be prepared before the team meeting starts. During the week, everyone shares their accomplishments, plans and problems, keeping everyone else up-to-date with current progress. When the weekly team meeting starts, there's no need for status updates. Everyone is already prepared to dive into more strategic discussions. Overall, with Weekdone, you will degreece the meeting time and making it more productive.

At Weekdone, we believe a leader's time is valuable. It is your most important resource. We spent a lot of time testing different products to find what works for us. From this list you should be able to find the right tool for your company as well. If you think we missed some good applications, let us know.