Achieve goals by making them visible on your TV

In the beginning of the year, everyone is motivated to work on their Objectives and Key Results. But, as day-to-day demands take over, they often fade into the background. Even if you use an OKR software like Weekdone you can’t always make sure that people are checking in on their team and company goals as often as they should.

But there’s an easy way to fix this: make your goals visible on an office TV!

Our TV dashboard displays goals, their progress, and any recent updates made to them. We have recently introduced a new slideshow feature that allows you to play a slideshow of all teams and their progress. Pause the slideshow at any time to show only a single team’s OKRs or just the company company ones.

Benefits of making goals visible with a TV Dashboard:

  • Your team will be more likely to keep their own goals in mind (i.e. people will remember what their goals are if they see them frequently).
  • People will be more accountable for updating their goals (nobody wants to be seen as under-performing).
  • Everyone will know what other teams and people are currently focused on.
  • It shows that leadership has clear direction (which builds trust).
  • Employees will understand the importance and impact of their work (what they do matters)!

Learn more about how TV dashboard works here.