Give personalized, public praise with Peer Feedback

Rewarding others for their hard work is key to boosting productivity and encouraging repeat behavior. Now, there is a quick way to recognize the hard work your team members are doing in Weekdone.

Peer feedback helps you encourage others in their work by offering personalized praise. Making your feedback public has been proven to impact not just productivity but also:

  • Improve peer-to-peer relationships
  • Enhance teamwork between employees
  • Increase employee satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Encourage more regular and in the moment feedback

Here’s how it works:

  1. Just hover over any name in the left side bar.
  2. Choose your preferred emoji.
  1. Add a custom comment.
  1. Voila! Your message is now posted to Newsfeed for everyone to see !
  1. The person who received feedback will also receive a notification.

Your team members will be happier with their work knowing they have your support. Good employees will be more likely to stay if they feel appreciated, thus lowering employee turnover.

Another positive is that teamwork between employees will be enhanced and, most importantly, it’s just plain fun! So log in to Weekdone and let your teammates know what they’re doing well.