Mobile app based on Weekdone API – Done

We recently launched our API, and today we’re proud to launch the first app (for Android only this time) built on it. We call it “Done“, because a simple name suits a simple (but by no means a simplistic) app.


To use the app, you need a Weekdone account, which you can register at

Use it for a quick and pretty overview of your current week’s “Plans/Todo” items and quickly mark them as “Progress/Done” with an intuitive swipe.

Add new todo items at the top. Tap to edit. Swipe right to delete. Swipe left to mark as “done” / “not done”. Tap and hold to reorder. Shake your device to reload.

Android app on Google Play


Built on Weekdone API


Weekdone API is a RESTful interface, providing read/write access to most of the data and functions in Weekdone system. The API supports JSON output. Authentication is via Oauth2.

Use it to extend Weekdone and build any custom add-ons, widgets or applications you like.

Build your own app or read more about the API

What can you build with our API? Let us know in the comments! And don’t hesitate to ask any questions about it at

Android app on Google Play