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Today, goal setting becomes a crucial tool for running a successful business.

Different companies use different goal-setting techniques to understand and track their performance: KPIs, MBOs, balanced scorecards, and SMART goals.

Companies who seek more transparency, ownership, and accountability opt for the OKR, a goal-setting methodology that helps define measurable goals, track their outcomes and align team members towards achieving the results.

As the OKR market keeps evolving, many OKR software companies change their products, expand their functionality or decide to no longer provide any services. Koan OKR software has just announced they’re shutting down. To help those teams and companies who don’t want to stop their OKR journey, we thought of offering Koan alternatives.

In this article, you will find an OKR software comparison of two tools: Weekdone vs Koan, to see if Weekdone could be the right Koan alternative for you and your team.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

What are the alternatives to Koan?

The OKR software market is currently saturated with tools, apps, and services that can help you get your team better aligned on measurable goals.

Let’s focus on Weekdone as one of the Koan alternatives that offer the most options in regards to OKRs. To make things easier for you, we’ve divided this article into five different sections, each representing the following key OKR elements:

  • OKR linking & alignment
  • Connecting weekly plans to OKRs
  • OKR Progress reports
  • Mobile app
  • OKR coaching

Koan vs Weekdone

OKR linking & alignment
Connect plans to OKRs
OKR Progress reports
Mobile app
Unlimited OKR Coaching
Koan vs Weekdone OKR Software comparison

Get Weekdone if you want personalized step-by-step OKR coaching for you and your teams to stay focused on the most impactful priorities. 

OKR linking & alignment

When you are looking for team alignment, you should always start by setting the overarching Objectives on the Company level. In Weekdone you’ll have two main levels for quarterly OKR goal-setting: 

1) Company level overarching directional goals (the Company Objectives) 

2) Team-level operational (actionable) Objectives and their Key Results 

Linking Team OKRs to Company Objectives helps to align people and teams to work towards company goals.

In the example below see how different teams have added their own Objectives based on Company Objective and now link it up to Company. The Team Objective will become a Company Key Result.

Connecting weekly plans to OKRs

While OKRs are set on the company and team levels each individual can contribute to the goals by setting and executing weekly plans. Linking your weekly plans with OKRs is a great way to make sure that what you do each week is relevant to your team’s quarterly success. This way your linked progress will also appear on the OKRs specific page.

To link a weekly plan to an OKR:

1. Go to your “Weekly Check-ins” page

2. Find a weekly item you want to link

3. Click on the menu sign (3 dots)

4. Select “Link objective”.

5. An additional popup will appear and show you team and company-level OKRs that you can link to.

6. Click on the link icon next to the OKR you want to link

7. Click save

In Weekdone we also offer you a PPP method for your weekly progress reporting. PPP’s stands for Plans, Progress, and Problems, this is the most commonly used reporting framework. We recommend that you customize it to suit your team by adding some other categories or changing the terms.

OKR Progress dashboard

We know how crucial it is for leaders to have an overview of the entire company’s progress and understand it at a glance. Weekdone’s dashboard is part of the OKR report that opens up for both team and company levels. It allows you to quickly see the progress of your Objectives and Key Results. 

  • Color codes: Tracking for over expected progress (blue), 66-100% of expected progress (green), 33-66% of expected progress (orange), 0-33% of expected progress (red).
  • Status timeline: Week-by-week status vs expected completion of the OKRs. Shows how far to be each week to hit 100% by the end of Quarter.
  • Status summary: Pie chart of the objectives on track, at risk, off track and exceeded.
  • Objective count: Number of objectives on track, at risk, off track and exceeded.

Apart from regular reports that you can export in a PDF or Excel format, we developed a TV dashboard feature that offers a bird’s eye view of your organization’s OKRs. 

Mobile app

A mobile version of the OKR software helps you save time by giving access to the OKRs from anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to have your laptop next to you if you simply want to check:

  • OKRs to view progress of your team’s quarterly goals,
  •  Newsfeed to see weekly plans, progress, problems of your team,
  •  Comments to get feedback from your team and leaders.

Just download the Weekdone mobile app from the App or Google Play, log in with your credentials and access your teams’ OKRs on the go.

OKR coaching

We understand that implementing OKRs and making them feel a part of the regular process of work takes time. Usually 2-3 quarters, even with an OKR coach. 

Third-party coaching can be really expensive, and small businesses generally don’t have the extra budget for an outside OKR consultant. Many OKR tools don’t usually provide complimentary coaching services, though they recommend third-party OKR business consultants if coaching is needed. 

Weekdone is more than an OKR software.

Yes, we want companies to use our software to easily measure the progress of their OKRs. But if you don’t see the value that OKR methodology brings, you won’t stick around long. We know that we can provide the quickest learning curve and help companies implement OKR best practices so they can reap all the benefits OKRs have to offer.

Final thoughts

Two OKR software options compared in this article all provide OKR-related features and follow the OKR methodology.

One thing that definitely sets Weekdone apart from our competitors like Koan is that our products have everything you need to make the most of your OKRs. From a thought-through alignment logic to professional OKR coaching included in the plans, we’ve got all the tools in one place to help your OKRs succeed.

Are you still looking for Koan alternatives?

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