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Heart attacks on Monday

The stress from overwork can seriously damage your heart. A recent survey suggests that more heart attacks occur on Mondays than on any other time. You could start avoiding Mondays to lower the risk or use Weekdone.

No, we are not a punch of certified doctors here, but we have built a happiness level indicator to our weekly reports. Each week our team score algorithm measures employee happiness, task completion ratio, overdue items and problem areas on a 100-point scale. This feature helps you understand your workforce and their satisfaction with the job. Take immediate action when the indicator falls.

Why measuring happiness and satisfaction is important?

According to Gallup research only 13% of employees are engaged at work and more than twice that number are so disengaged that they are likely to spread negativity to others. We do not except busy leaders to have time to constantly ask about each employees satisfaction personally. But with the right tools, you can always be aware. Measuring your employees happiness level gives you necessary information about who needs more guidance and support. It is a great start to increase employee engagement and motivation. This in turn helps you lower the turnover and build a healthy work environment.

Therefore, if you are not living in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland or Sweden, which are the happiest countries according to World Happiness Report, you might want to experiment with tools that give sufficient information. As a leader, you can not do everything yourself, which means you need happy and engaged employees. Give more feedback, provide meaning to their work and measure the results with Weekdone.