Real-Time Employee Performance Reports

Employee performance reports are important for leaders and managers, as it gives insight into whether an employee needs coaching or not. . You have to stay in the know, without spending all your time reading reports. Or, worse, poking your employees for information. After all, you want employees to focus on their day to day activities and not chatting with you. The answer is in real-time weekly status reporting.

Weekly progress reporting

Automated Employee Performance Reporting

While yearly performance reviews are important, they don’t help us leaders to make day-to-day decisions that are important for our team’s overall performance. And even quarterly reviews are too slow to prevent problems from slowing down your company.

You can use automated weekly status reporting in Weekdone to make it easy for employees to report their progress and for you to always know what is going on in your company. As Henry Mason, Managing Director of TrendWatching told us. “The regularity of weekly reporting helped the team to create a habit of using it.”

You can read other success stories on how other companies have handled their real time weekly reporting. You don’t have to invent the wheel. Many teams have already successfully implemented weekly reporting. Find out the real benefits they gained and what are the dangers you should be aware of.

How to Make It Work in Your Company

In my teams, I use weekly status reporting to make sure I always know what my employees are working on. The idea is simple. Every week, everyone in my team files a short report listing 3 – 5 important things they’ve done this week (progress) and what are their plans for the next week (plans). If they’re stuck on something they can also mark those tasks as problems. The method is called Plans, Progress, Problems (PPP).

Benefits of a Weekly Reporting Tool

Toby Young, CTO of Ebury said that “Real-time reporting is very important for retrospective reasons and to see what is going on, if other teams have problems, I can help.” And PPP is wonderful as the report is easy to compile and I can get a quick overview of everything fast. While, the reports are sent once a week (on Friday), you can use PPP based software to get the data even faster.

With Team Compass, employees still set plans every week. But they move tasks into progress as soon as they finish them. As a manager, I get a notification as soon as someone completes a task. . This makes sure I always know what is going on in my team. That helps me make better decision as I am on top of the information flow. Always.

If you’re ready to improve your performance appraisal and get better, faster information from your team, try out Team Compass with your team. This will make sure you always know, what’s going on in your team.