Examples of Strategic Objectives

Business growth requires long-term, strategic thinking. Setting aligned objectives is key to successful implementation of your strategy. Good strategic objectives help you:

  • Communicate future directions with everyone in the company
  • Engage and motivate employees
  • Improve productivity and business performance

Stuck on which objectives to set? Take a look at the examples below for inspiration. We use the OKR method for these objectives.


Objective: Break quarterly revenue record

Key Results:

  • Hit quarterly revenue of $5m
  • Get 30 new accounts
  • Average deal size > $10k


Objective: Upgrade checkout process for e-commerce

Key Results:

  • Make 3 payment options available (Credit card, debit card, and PayPal)
  • Reduce average time spent on checkout by 50 seconds
  • Reduce post-payment processing by 5 minutes with automation

Customer experience

Objective: Improve end-to-end customer experience

Key Results:

  • Increase customer retention rate from 85% to 95%
  • Increase average customer satisfaction score from 7.5 to 9
  • Increase adoption rates from 75% to 90%


Objective: Launch product in new regions

Key Results:

  • Quarterly sales over $500k
  • Referrals > 90%
  • Recruit 3 new staff for regional support


Objective: Increase company brand trust

Key Results:

  • Receive 50 positive reviews on Capterra and Product Hunt
  • Increase average customer satisfaction score from 7.5 to 9
  • Land 10 press mentions and 3 interviews with industry publications and influencers


Objective: Streamline quality control

Key Results:

  • Increase Net Promoter Score from 8 to 9
  • Reduce churn rates by 30%
  • Reduce error rates by 50%

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