Get Started with OKRs & Weekdone in 1 hour

Last year we noticed something interesting: some of our biggest clients often started with Weekdone without ever attending a training session or asking a question in the support chat. When we talked to them, they said our system made it simple to get started with OKRs. So we learned from their process and put together an onboarding feature called Getting Started.

Getting started

Getting started with Weekdone consists of three parts. First, you study the materials (as in school), then you put that theory into practice, and after that, you ask any questions that may arise. As a famous Chinese philosopher Wang Yangming once said:“Knowledge is the beginning of practice, doing is a completion of knowledge””

1. Learn the basics

We filtered out the most important videos and articles so you can understand the most important concepts you and your team need to get started.

2. First steps

To put your knowledge to the test and start on the right path, we have created 10 tasks for you to accomplish in Weekdone. By completing these tasks, you’ll discover the most important features and learn how to navigate Weekdone. We keep track of your progress while you complete tasks to motivate you and your team members to reach 100%.

3. FAQ & support

We believe 1 hour is enough time to get a basic grasp of the methodology and product. That being said, it can take up to a whole quarter to successfully implement OKRs. But we are always here for you and your team to answer any questions that pop up.

  1. FAQ/help – – answers and guides you to all the most frequently asked questions
  2. Support chat – we aim to answer any question you have within an hour during business hours.
  3. Training – we offer a variety of free training for all our paying customers

Accessing Getting Started

Getting started is available for all new users under help menu on the bottom left side of the screen. It is available for 2 weeks or until you have completed at least 50% of your tasks. You can always access getting started later on URL .