How Google and Others use OKRs [Infographic]

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a very effective methodology for setting your quarterly goals for company, team and personal levels.

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The basics of OKRs

OKRs is an easy process of setting company, team and personal goals and connecting each goal with 3-4 measurable results. As you achieve those results, the whole objective gets marked done.

OKRs, on a personal, team's and company level make up a system that shows how everything one person does connects to the work of others.

John Doerr, one of the advocates for OKRs, has said:“I remember being intrigued with the idea of having a beacon or north star every quarter, which helped set my priorities. It was also incredibly powerful for me to see Andy’s OKRs, my manager’s OKRs and the OKRs for my peers. I was quickly able to tie my work directly to the company’s goals. I kept my OKRs pinned up in my office and I wrote new OKRs every quarter, and the system has stayed with me ever since.“

What's most important, OKRs that combine goals for the team and company, let employees know that they are an important part of a system and they know what they must do.

Best results with Weekdone

The goal of Weekdone OKR software (it's free to try by the way) is to allow anyone to become a better leader. Either you're a seasoned executive or a first-time team leader, we give you the true and tested best practice tools to be a better manager. Weekdone makes your company more productive and profitable. One of such magic tools is our OKR functionality.

Our belief is that to get all the employees in your company working as one, they all should share an aligned hierarchical tree of objectives and key results. The more visible, transparent and up to date on everyday progress it is, the better it works. Only if teams do what's best for the whole company, and employees do what's best for the team based on that, true success arises.

In this infographic we'll show you how successful tech companies have implemented OKRs to maximize their results. OKRs have had a genuine effect on how they got where they are now.

The easiest way to see it all in action is to log in to your Weekdone and play around.

How Google gets great results with OKRs


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