Guide to Communicating Your Company’s Vision to the Employees

Managers and team leaders generally have a good idea about where the company is headed in the long run. But employees rarely keep the company vision in mind. Understanding the big picture is often not a priority for them.

However, if you explain the goals and vision of your company clearly, it is a lot easier to communicate company needs and priorities to employees. What’s more, they’ll feel more engaged and involved in their jobs and will be able to work more efficiently.

Use Weekdone to make sure your employees see the big picture.

Why employees should understand the “big picture.”

Employees don’t often care about the long term vision, as it is hard for them to understand how it influences their daily work.

While researching employee engagement and high-performing teams in Weekdone, we’ve discovered that, for workers, getting in touch with the company vision and their personal role in it, helps employees and teams to be much more efficient. It increases both engagement and work satisfaction as they see how their work is important to the team.

That’s why each manager should do everything in their power to communicate “the big picture” to their employees.

Why should they bother?

If your employees are just working, doing their tasks, and not understanding why they are doing them, you can’t expect them to put their hearts into their work. Employees need to understand how their work contributes to the larger whole.

Easy to understand goal setting system.

Weekdone accomplishes this by using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology to help you set quarterly goals that are clear, easily measurable, and understandable to all.

The OKR system breaks each long term goals into measurable Key Results. Everything that an employee does should, in some way, advance their Key Results and with that their long term Objectives. If it’s not helping reach their long term goal, why is the employee doing the task to begin with?

If the OKR system seems complicated at first, you can use the more simple “Lean OKRs” system.

My work matters.

Having used OKRs for 3 years, I know that they are great for staying focused and not forgetting your goals. Mostly because you need to update the progress of your Key Results every week.

Having an open system where everyone’s goals are visible makes sure that I understand where our team and company are going and how my Objectives help to move the company forward. Knowing my work matters makes me much more invested in it.

To further improve this understanding, you can use the Plans, Progress, Problems (PPP) methodology to set weekly tasks. These tasks align with quarterly goals and show the meaning of all the work an employee does.

Thanks to the combination of OKRs and PPP in Weekdone, employees will always have enough information to effectively plan their work with the “big picture” in mind. They will be more motivated and engaged understanding how their activities matter.

Try out Weekdone and see how much the OKR and PPP system improves your team’s performance. If you want to get more information on the topic, you can read more about the OKRs from Weekdone Academy.