Keeping people engaged with the Weekdone TV dashboard


Weekdone OKR dashboard

Recently, we conducted over 30 in-depth interviews with our OKR clients and the number one pattern that emerged was that about 75% of companies were using spreadsheets before they gave up and switched to us. The number one issue they had was engagement. People stopped updating their key results, some people and teams even forgot to define OKRs. We here at Weekdone do everything to keep your team focused and engaged with OKRs. Our newest feature, the Weekdone TV dashboard, is built around that idea.


The progress widget shows all objectives for the quarter and also their progress from 0-100%. Red-Orange-Green indicators visually indicate if an objective is on track, at risk, or off track. The chart helps to quickly remind everyone what the current priorities are and identify if any of the objectives are falling behind.

Top teams

The top teams widget shows the best performing teams based on OKR progress. It creates a friendly competition to outperform other teams and most importantly motivates everyone to keep objectives up to date.

Top people

The top people chart is showing the best performing people by OKR progress. It builds a friendly rivalry among team members and adds extra accountability to make sure objectives are up to date.

Objective count

The objective count shows how many total objectives are set: how many of them are on track, off track, or at risk. When too many objectives are at risk or off track, it is time to review if there might be a problem in achieving these goals. Getting to see the problems early in the quarter is important to make the necessary changes before the quarter ends.


The timeline shows recent updates made to the objectives. It is a live feed so everyone can see what was recent achievements have been made towards objectives. When there are no recent updates, it gives an indication that OKRs are not moving forward and that there might be an issue.

Setting it up

Make company and team goals visible to everyone with just a few steps:

  • Set-up a large screen that is visible in the office
  • Log in to Weekdone
  • Go to company settings
  • Select TV dashboard
  • Share your screen to TV using a device like Google Chromecast or HDMI cable

Voila! You now have an awesome OKR dashboard set-up. Feel more connected with your team and create conversations around the progress you are making.