Management Tools: Feedback Emoji

Writing this headline about feedback and emoji felt a little bit silly.

How can „ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and Web pages“ be used as a feedback tool for big business?

But with Millennials and younger generations dominating the workforce, a quick and easy way to show support and give feedback is what every manager needs.

Feedback for Millennials

Feedback Emoji

Tammy Erickson, author of Plugged In: The Generation Y Guide to Thriving at Work and an executive fellow at the London Business School says: “If you want to keep them, then motivate them and make their work more meaningful and challenging than Boomers made it for you.”

Heather Hiles from Pathbrite says that the Millennials “want deeper feedback and assessment, with an eye toward holistic personal development and multiple options. They hold strong expectations that they will be immediately rewarded for their hard work.” And it’s their managers who have to find a way to give them what they need. And that brings us to…


Emojis are a easy way to send a signal that you’ve seen their progress. IF you speak emoji, you can also let them know what you think with 3 or 4 happy or frowning faces.

And if Chevy can write pressreleases in emoji, then you can share them with your team.

Emoji in Weekdone

Emoji are quickly becoming a second language, and it’s important that everyone can communicate freely, efficiently and expressively, even in the office environment. That’s why Weekdone released emoji support.

We have released the custom emoji picker for all Weekdone users. Look for a smiley-face icon to the right of adding new items, underneath your weekly review, and opening automatically when you like an item. This way you can further explain your “like” with a fun image and surprise your teammates with something fun and positive.

You can read more about emoji in Weekdone here.