New at Weekdone: Notifications, Feedback, And Objective Details Page

Our mission in Weekdone is to help you and your team stay focused on your goals so you can bring success to your company. That’s why we recently launched a lot of new features that help you manage your OKRs and keep tabs on your progress.

Notifications in Weekdone.

In order to stay on top of your goals, no one in your team can lose track of or, worse, forget, what they should be working on.

Our updated Notifications remind you and your team to update and review your Objectives and Tasks on a regular basis. That way you can avoid the “set and forget” issue that is prevalent in many companies.

Every time there is an activity on an OKR or weekly task that is relevant to you, you will receive a notification on the Weekdone dashboard, on your app or via email.

You will receive notifications when

  • You are assigned an objective or weekly plan/task
  • Someone comments on your OKR, a company OKR and or a team OKR
  • Your OKR status has changed
  • Your weekly item is due
  • Someone mentions you in a comment
  • Someone likes your item
  • A new post appears in the news feed

You can customize your settings for receiving notifications in Weekdone’s Personal Settings.

Peer Feedback.

Teamwork is key to achieving company goals. In order to help you engage and motivate employees, Weekdone has now made giving each other recognition easier when credit is due. You can upvote each other on the Leaderboard, as well as when you hover over the icon of an individual in the sidebar.

You can also add a message when you upvote the individual. The upvote will appear in the news feed with the message.

Objective Details Page.

The single objective details page gives you a bird’s eye view of one particular objective and its progress. It allows you to add new plans under the objective, as well as have a clear picture of the headway you and your team are making toward it.

The page displays the progress timeline of the objective, the key results related to the objective, and the weekly items that are linked to the objective.

You can add weekly items related to the objective on this page, making planning for objectives easier.

You can also export the details for reporting and meetings.

We are always working hard to improve Weekdone and help you implement OKR. If you don’t use Weekdone yet, you can sign up and start implementing OKRs now.