Weekdone Bags Design Award, Brings Team Management to Visual Age

– Estonian startup boils big data into visual pulse of how teams are doing
– New iOS app, award-winning design, used from SMEs to Fortune 500
– Backed by Skype’s founding engineer and key people behind Russia’s top social network

TALLINN, Estonia, October 1, 2013 – Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to simple, visual apps that help get things done. Businesses, not so much. To run teams, many executives still rely on lengthy documents, spreadsheets and emails. Spotting an opportunity to bring actionable visual tools to team management, Estonian startup Weekdone turns big data into a thing of beauty. With the release of its mobile app this week, the company aims to become the default tool for monitoring and managing teams.

Launched earlier this year, Weekdone (https://weekdone.com) taps into popular management methods such as PPP and OKR (Plans, Progress, Problems and Objectives & Key Results) and turns them into a stunning visual dashboard that gives managers an overview of how their teams are doing. Last week, Weekdone’s design won the top prize at Estonian Design Awards in the internet applications category.

“There is a massive exodus from email and other flawed tools that slow down a time-starved executive. We want to help leaders achieve more by doing less,” said Weekdone CEO and co-founder Jüri Kaljundi. “Weekdone gives managers an automatic visual pulse of their people. A quick glance shows you how things are humming along and which problems need attention.”

“Productivity, task completion, and employee happiness data often exists, but gets lost in a web of documents and clunky software. We make it visual, saving team leaders a full day each month,” Kaljundi added. “Meanwhile, our surveys of thousands of employees show that they feel managers don’t know what they’ve achieved, what their plans or problems are, and keep overloading them with too many tasks. Weekdone helps bridge this gap.”

Available on the web and as a brand new iOS app (https://weekdone.com/mobile), Weekdone is already used by thousands of people from SMEs to teams of several hundred users at Fortune 500 companies. Fueled by poorly met demand for simple and beautiful business tools on tablets and mobiles, Weekdone’s early investors include Skype founding engineer Ahti Heinla, as well as former backers and executives of Odnoklassniki, Russia’s largest social network.

One of Weekdone’s most addictive features is Weekscore, a visual team score algorithm that measures employee happiness and satisfaction, task completion ratio, overdue items and problem areas. It rates the company as well as each team on a 100-point scale, prompting action when the score drops. It also gives a one-line summary for each person on how they are doing.

The Weekdone team is working on integrating with external APIs to import data and KPIs to create beautiful people-oriented visual dashboards. Integration with Asana and Atlassian JIRA is already live and tools like Salesforce, Basecamp, and many others are in the pipeline.

Media images:

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jy10pdvh07q5ohy/KtRnCE9mLi – downloadable images of Weekdone phone and tablet app and web design, plus logos

Useful links:

https://weekdone.com – Weekdone homepage

https://weekdone.com/benefits – benefits for leaders and employees

https://weekdone.com/dashboard – Weekscore and dashboard explained

https://weekdone.com/mobile – mobile app landing page

https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=668008030&mt=8 – iOS app download page

https://defol.io/adcestonia/2013-weekdone-web-and-webapp – Estonian Design Awards 2013 Gold winning entry

For more information contact:

Jüri Kaljundi

CEO & Co-founder, Weekdone


Phone: +372 501 5252

Skype: jkaljundi