31 Team Productivity Tools to Build Efficient Teams

Adoption of team productivity tools is nothing new, in 2020, the software market was valued at 41.90 Billion USD, and it’s predicted to rise to 122.70 Billion USD by 2028. The team productivity app market is big business.

There are several team productivity tools that cover every aspect of running a business. You’re probably already using some of the tools and productivity tactics, perhaps to track progress, streamline a process or help with organization. 

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You may have been using a productivity tool for years, however, in such a fast-moving sector, you might be overlooking a better productivity tool to help supercharge your business’s productivity even more.

In this article, we delve into 30 of the top team productivity tools and give you the low down on why you should be using them and their key benefits. Read on to find out about the best tools for your business in this guide.

Using Innovative Technologies to Boost Productivity

When it comes to implementing processes that will improve productivity, there is no silver bullet. There’s no single magic formula that will solve all productivity issues within your organization. However, there are many techniques or methods you can employ to boost employee productivity.

Two ways to boost productivity are:

  1. Implementing a team goal tracking software
  2. Introducing employee engagement surveys or software

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to choosing the right tool or solution for you. The best ones for your business will depend on your industry, the size of your team, and your key problems. Additionally, the application or software you choose should be intuitive enough for your team to want to use.

The best apps, templates and tools are ones that:

  • Don’t interrupt workflow
  • Make tasks more streamlined
  • Improve productivity levels

Keep reading to find out some of the best team productivity tools we think you should consider.

Top 30 Team Productivity Tools

We’ve listed 30 of the best team productivity tools, software, and applications and included essential information about their key features, how they can help with productivity, as well as pricing details.

Team Goal Setting & Management

Setting short-term, quarterly goals with OKRs has been a proven way of improving productivity for teams. Using a productivity app can be especially useful for businesses that lack structure or where employees don’t find a connection between their role and the big-picture company mission.

OKR alignment best practices

1. Weekdone

Weekdone is one of the top-rated OKR software applications out there. It helps to make teams more goal-oriented and driven by outcomes. 


Weekdone helps to track teams’ progress based on Objectives and Key Results (OKR).

SMART goals can be set through the interface and tracked to see what progress has been made toward the outcomes. It’s useful to know that Weekdone isn’t a tool specifically aimed at project management or personal productivity, it’s designed to work alongside other apps and to facilitate engagement among teams around common quarterly goals and plans to drive those forward.

Key Features & Pricing
  • Built around OKR best practices
  • An intuitive dashboard that allows teams to see how they are progressing on OKRs at a glance
  • 14-day free trial, after which prices start from $1620 annually for a 15 user package

2. ClickUp

Another popular choice for goal setting and management is Clickup. One of the top features of this app is that it allows you to break down large Goals into smaller Targets.


The use of ClickUp Goals allows users to set then edit and track both personal or business-wide goals. The app then allows you to add goal details including a due date, who is responsible and smaller tasks associated with it which are referred to as Targets.

Key Features & Pricing
  • An easy-to-use interface that works in real-time
  • ClickUp offers multiple views that adapt to Agile, Scrum, and Kanban workflows
  • For personal use, there is a free-forever option, however, for medium-sized businesses prices start at $12 per month
ClickUp goal setting and management application

3. Strides

Strides is an intuitive and flexible goal-setting app created for iOS users. It lets you track habits and create SMART goals. It can be used as both a personal or a team-wide goal tracker. 


The intuitive interface allows users to set goals using a premade template. Progress towards goals is shown visually through a mix of charts, calendars as well as a handy success rate score. It encourages users to set habits based on goals.

Key Features & Pricing
  • One of the easiest goal-setting and tracking apps out there
  • Synchronizes across all devices so progress can be tracked at any time
  • Currently only available on the Mac App store 
  • Lifetime free version with limitations on users, or an auto-renewing yearly $29.99/year subscription
Strides goal setting app

Team Project Management

Understanding and implementing project management is essential for all company sizes and across all sectors. When project task management is done right, it helps every area of the business to run more smoothly and efficiently.

4. Scoro

Scoro is an all-encompassing business management software to streamline workflows and give clarity to what’s important. It allows teams to focus their efforts on the most important task at hand.  


One of the main benefits of Scoro is that users can easily track time and manage teams. It also features a create and send invoice function. The team dashboard shows every team member needs to know about the status of a project at a glance in real-time helping staff to stay on track and within budget. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • End-to-end project management software
  • Integration ability to over 1000 other apps
  • 14-day free trial, then prices start from $26 per month for a 5-user package
Scoro project management software

5. Cyfe by Traject

If you work in marketing, then you’re most likely using many tools, platforms, and services to help manage your marketing initiatives. Cyfe is one of the top project management tools for anyone dealing with various teams and clients across multiple platforms.


Rather than trying to manage multiple apps independently, Cyfe allows you to manage your marketing, sales, analytics, and support all in one place. It works in real-time, giving your employees a clear picture of what’s happening at any moment. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Allow users to monitor and visualize projects on an intuitive, real-time dashboard
  • Connects to a multitude of other apps, including all the main social media platforms 
  • 14-day free trial, then prices start from $49 per month for 10 dashboard/ 5-user package
Cyfe project management tool

6. Betterteam

Hiring contractors for a project can be time-consuming and tedious. The process of posting jobs across several sites, sifting through candidates that aren’t suitable, and then conducting interviews isn’t the most efficient way to utilize your company’s resources.


Betterteam helps to simplify parts of this process by streamlining the posting of open positions. Rather than wasting hours posting a job to different sites, Betterteam allows you to post your jobs to 100+ popular job sites, in a matter of minutes. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Streamlines the hiring process
  • Cost-effective job posting platform aimed at small and medium businesses
  • 4-day free trial, then prices start from $234 annually for 1 monthly job post
Betterteam job posting platform

7. GoCo

GoCo is relevant for HR management and covers everything from payroll to employee information. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can be integrated with an abundance of apps.


GoCo helps by ensuring you’re always on the right side of the law, by tracking data on staff absence, benefits, requesting time off, as well as being able to seamlessly sync with payroll systems, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for multiple emails being sent back and forth. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • One of the top-reviewed apps for streamlining HR
  • No free trial, but they do offer a live demo to try out the software
  • Pricing is based on a custom plan, with a 20% discount on annual subscriptions
GoCo HR management tool

8. Traackr

Traackr is the perfect tool if you use influencers for your marketing campaigns and ensures that everyone has access to relevant data. It also has a comparison feature to see who are the top performing influencers on a campaign.


Traackr is data-driven, so if you’re a project manager who uses influencers as part of your business, then this app makes it possible for everyone on the team to see the efforts of a particular campaign allowing you to compare what an influencer offers benchmarks and results. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • One of the most comprehensive influencer marketing tracking platforms
  • Easily track ROI across different platforms 
  • Sign up for a free demo, then prices start from $499 per month
Traackr influencer marketing tracking platform

9. Asana

A company favorite, Asana allows for a customizable management system. It’s a great tool for a multitude of sectors with its multi-purpose project and task management capabilities.


Set up various workspaces to manage and monitor projects and assign deliverables. This process can be streamlined through the use of templates which helps to simplify task settings. It’s also a great app to keep communication all in one place thanks for the 

chat function and file sharing functionality.

Key Features & Pricing
  • An industry favorite thanks to its intuitive interface
  • Project management is made easier thanks to the option of chat and file share 
  • Free forever basic plan to try it out, a business plan starts from $24.99 per month
Asana project management tool

Team Communication

Cross-functional collaboration across different teams or departments is essential for a business to excel. If you work with multiple teams, it can be a challenge to keep productivity high, if they aren’t in a room together.

Especially when most teams are working remotely, find out how you can use OKRs to improve team communication and alignment, check out this video:

Here are some of the top productivity tools for improving communication:

10. Slack

Slack is one of the best workplace communication tools on the list. One of the key features is the ease with which you can organize your team’s communication into a project, department, team, or channel.


If you’re looking to reduce the number of emails sent between team members, then Slack is the perfect solution. It’s great for team collaboration with its integration capabilities with other productivity applications and file-sharing tools Dropbox and Google Drive.

Key Features & Pricing
  • Easy interface and convenient way to keep track of conversion between teams
  • Integrates with an abundance of useful organization and productivity tools
  • The basic package is free, however, to access the full range of tools, a business plan starts from $11.75 per month
Slack workplace communication tool

11. Trello

Trello is a great solution for improving team cooperation and communication. It can be set up in a range of formats, some similar to a Kanban board, or by teams. 


Team members can create digital pinboards, which not only help to track project progress, but also keep all the communication in the same place. Options include to-do lists, status updates, and file sharing. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Intuitive and easy-to-follow interface with pop-up notifications
  • Lots of integration with other project management and organization software
  • The basic package is free, with a premium plan starting at $10 per month
Trello project management tool

12. Team Compass

Team Compass is a great team management tool, that provides insightful weekly team reports to enhance your team communication.


Team Compass helps you set the company direction, keep track of activities, and make everyone an active participant in their work. It also provides tools for managers to keep everyone motivated and hold 1:1s.

Key Features & Pricing
  • Weekly planning and automated status reporting
  • 1:1s feature and Conversation, Feedback, and Recognition
  • Free for up to 3 users, then after that $29 for unlimited users.

13. Connecteam

Positioning itself as the one-stop shop for all business operations, Connecteam offers many tools to keep your business connected. It features everything you need to simplify work communication.


This is the perfect app if you have a remote team as Connecteam serves as an intranet to help workers connect. This helps to boost collaboration and improve productivity. Each employee can look up other team members, find who is on their team, and push messages to the whole staff.

Key Features & Pricing
  • Encourages staff interaction, which is great for remote teams
  • Reduces the need for emails for collaboration
  • A limited plan is free for life, and prices for the advanced features start from $49 per month
Connecteam work communications tool

14. Hubgets

Hubgets goal is to alleviate the need for email and aims to improve the efficiency work communications. By making useful and relevant information easily accessible it helps increase productivity.  


Teams can focus on singular projects as well as communicate in real time via a range of mediums. This saves time lost in searching through email threads. It promises to converge conversations to make teams more efficient.

Key Features & Pricing
  • Uses chat, voice, and video messages to be sent
  • Turns communication into a searchable database to keep information organized
  • The free plan allows up to 20 users, a Team Membership plan starts at $5.90 per month per user
Hubgets work communications tool

15. Nextiva

Aimed at boosting productivity, Nextiva makes it easier for teams to communicate. It boosts productivity by keeping the communication trail all in one place.


Teams can send messages via phone, text, and video and store all of this communication in one place. Nextiva is ideal for remote teams that work across multiple communication channels to collaborate.

Key Features & Pricing
  • Helps user to manage all conversations across multiple mediums
  • Allows communication with clients through the app
  • 7-day free trial available, plans start from $18.95 per month
Nextiva workplace communication tool

16. Kayako

Kayako is a support ticketing app that aims to improve communication between you and your clients. Providing excellent customer service is one of the most effective ways to build customer loyalty.


Kayako can be used to provide a human live chat experience to customers if your staff is unavailable. It can also unify all of your channels you may have, including email, social media, and live chat into one team dashboard to provide support to customers quickly and efficiently.

Key Features & Pricing
  • Provides quick customer service and helps build loyalty
  • Can provide 24/7 support to your clients via the live chat feature
  • 14-day free trial available, plans start at $300 per month for up to 5 agents
Kayako support ticketing application

Time Management

One aspect that can hinder productivity is poor time management. Several tools can help employees to work smarter, not harder. They aim to allow them to get more done in less time.

17. Pushbullet

Pushbullet stops the need of switching back and forth between devices. This is one of the top apps for multi-device workers, saving time wasted by switching between devices.


It works by connecting your devices and making them feel like one. Pushbullet allows ending messages, phone notifications, links, and files. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Saves time by connecting all your different devices through a single app
  • The forever free version gives limited access, Pushbullet Pro subscription starts at $3.33 a month
Pushbullet device management tool

18. Clockify

Clockify is a time-tracking software to help boost productivity by tracking the time spent on certain tasks. If you work on an hourly basis or too tight time constraints, then this is a great app for you.


Time tracking can be automated through the use of timer mode. There is also an option for manually setting and controlling the time track. This is a great app to check how much time is being wasted on unimportant tasks. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Intuitive and visual interface
  • Integration with a range of other project management apps
  • Free forever app
Clockify time tracking software

19. RescueTime

RescueTime is a time-saving app that tracks how much time you spend using certain apps. It helps a user to figure out if they are spending too much time on time-wasting apps, such as social media. 


If you’re constantly chasing time, it could be that you’re losing it through unnecessary scrolling through applications like Facebook or TikTok. RescueTime tracks which apps are consuming the most time, so you can make a conscious effort to limit your time on them. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Compatible with Android, Apple iPhone, Windows, macOS, and iOS
  • Works on accountability, to allow the user to see where time is spent
  • 30-day free trial, prices start at $9 per month
RescueTime productivity app

20. Zapier

If you have many repetitive tasks in your business, then Zapier is a great app for time-saving. It works by connecting all your existing apps and services and allowing you to automate certain tasks.


Zapier allows users to set a trigger which then completes routine tasks automatically.  You can connect thousands of different apps which then allows you to create customized and automated workflows.  

Key Features & Pricing
  • Empowers users to automate work across 5,000+ applications
  • The free forever plan allows up to 100 tasks a month to be automate
  • Prices for the Team Plans start at $299 per month
Zapier for integrations

Team Focus Improvements

With improved focus, comes increased productivity. In a busy work environment, there can be many distractions, pulling our attention. These are some of the best apps to help regain your levels of focus allowing you to concentrate on what’s important.

21. Freedom

Switching between different websites and social media notifications is distracting. Freedom allows you to block certain websites, digital distractions, and notifications helping to keep you focused on the task.


Freedom allows you to actively block distractions on single and multiple devices helping you save time on unnecessary activities. This can be set for certain hours of the day, or done manually.

Key Features & Pricing
  • Blocks distracting websites and notifications
  • Can be tailored to your specific requirements
  • 7-day free trial, Pro Plan priced at $8.99 per month
Freedom app for focus

22. Noisli

If you work in a noisy environment, whether at home or office, you’ll find that background noises can be a distraction. Noisli aims to block out distracting noises allowing you to focus.


Noisli allows you to create your perfect sound environment by mixing the 28 high-quality background sounds which have been designed to drown out background noise. You can adjust the volume. Twin this with a pair of noise-canceling headphones for the most tranquil experience.

Key Features & Pricing
  • Neutralized distracting background noises
  • Reduced distractions allow you to focus
  • Forever free plan with limitations, Business Teams plan starts from $20 a month
Noisli work management tool

23. Sleep Cycle

To maintain high productivity levels, it’s important to be focused by getting proper rest. Poor sleep is often linked to health problems and stress. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock app tracks your sleep patterns to find out if you’re getting enough of rest.


Mental fog, irritability, pounding headaches, or the general feeling of exhaustion can all be linked to poor sleep. Using an app to track your sleep cycle, will analyze your sleep pattern and automatically wake you at the best time based on your statistics helping you feel refreshed.

Key Features & Pricing
  • Improves sleep, which increases focus
  • Sign up with Apple Store or Google Play
  • 7-day free trial, annual plan from $39.99 
Sleep Cycle tool for time management

Team Meetings & Presentations

During the pandemic, we became all too familiar with applications such as Zoom and Google Meet, as we all had to quickly adjust to remote working. However, there are many other options available to supercharge your meetings. 

24. GoTo Meeting

‍For a more dynamic video conferencing experience, take a look at GoTo Meeting. Transform your standard, basic online meeting into a full-on conference call with multiple perks.


With tools like screen sharing, highlighting tools for interaction, and marking important information on the screen, GoToMeeting enhances the standard video call. Use it across a range of devices, with built-in features that keep your meetings professional looking.

Key Features & Pricing
  • A multitude of in-app tools to enhance your meeting
  • Useable on a variety of devices
  • Free demo available, prices for the Professional Plan start at $12 per month or up to 150 participants
GoTo Meeting tool to manage meetings

25. Workflowy

Workflowy allows for paperless note-taking. Say goodbye to sticky notes, notepads, and pieces of paper, and keep all the essential jottings in one shareable app. 


Meetings usually come complete with plenty of notes. Notes can get lost, plus often need to be typed up, or reformatted to share with others. Workflowy allows users to create notes digitally which can be categorized, organized and shared. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Great for collaboration and sharing of ideas
  • Keep notes from meetings organized
  • Free forever option with limitations, Workflowy Pro priced at $4.99 per month
Workflowy collaboration tool

26. Canva

No design skills, no worries. Canva is a well-established, intuitive all-encompassing graphic design package. Use one of their templates to help create engaging presentations in a matter of clicks.


If you need to present to a team and want to step away from the dated-looking PowerPoint slides, then use one of the templates on Canva. Their templates are sleek looking, with a drag-and-drop interface meaning even with zero graphic design ability, you can create professional presentations.

Key Features & Pricing
  • The intuitive interface on a drag-and-drop software
  • Presentations can be downloaded for offline use or shared on social media
  • Forever free option, subscription from $9.99 a month
Canva tool for professional presentations

Team Organization

Working in a fast-paced environment calls for excellent organization. You can improve your productivity levels by saving time searching for notes or emails. Here are the best organization apps.

27. Todoist

A popular to-do list app with an intuitive interface, Todolist makes managing tasks easy to help boost productivity. 


It allows each team member to organize, plan, and collaborate across different tasks and projects. It organizes them by task title, due date, and subtasks across a range of platforms. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Real-time notifications
  • Easy task tracking with a productivity graph
  • 30-day free trial, pricing starts from $6 per user per month
Todolist tool for task management

28. Filestage

Filestage allows teams to collaborate in this way in all-in-one proofing software. Communication can be sorted, edits requested, plans submitted, and comments all in one space.


On large projects, it can be easy to miss editing and approval comments in long email threads, especially if multiple team leaders are offering feedback. Filestage streamlined the workflow, keeping conversations organized. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Can handle videos, images, documents, and audio files
  • Sign up for a free assisted trial, Professional account starts at $39.99 per month
Filestage collaboration tool

29. Evernote

Evernote streamlines note-taking and helps organizing notes in easy-to-find and shareable categories.


Not only does Evernote allow for efficient note-keeping, but it can also use audio notes and images. These can be accessed, edited, and shared across teams across multiple devices. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Improves organization of notes and stores them digitally 
  • Syncs them across all major devices
  • Free-forever plan with limited access, Professional Plan cost $8.99 per month
Evernote task management tool

30. Calendly

A well-established app for the organization of meetings. Calendly is a must-have tool for any small business that has to manage multiple meetings throughout their day-to-day lives.


It removes the need for manually scheduling meetings, allows a client to reserve a meeting at a convenient time slot, schedules it to your calendars, and then blocks out that time. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Can create buffer times between meetings
  • Hands-off organization of meetings
  • Forever free basic plan, Team Plan costs from $16 per month
Calendly app to organize meetings

31. 1Password

Passwords need to be different for every account, the problem is keeping track of them. 1Password helps to keep your passwords secure and saves the need for writing down different login credentials.


Saves the need for writing down multiple passwords to different accounts. All logins are saved under one master account. You only need to remember one password. 

Key Features & Pricing
  • Keeps multiple passwords secure under just one master account
  • 14-day free trial, Team Starter Pack starts from $14.95 a month
1Password tool for password management

Which Team Productivity Tool Suits Your Needs?

We’ve just given you the low down on 30 of the best team productivity tools and software right now. Which tool best fits your organization’s needs?

If you’re looking to set structured goals which align activities throughout your organization, Weekdone OKR software and team productivity features helps to set, boost and manage your business goals intuitively. 

Find out how Weekdone can help you track your weekly plans and progress to meet your objectives, take a walkthrough: