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Automatic weekly reporting is something that makes lives at work a lot more easier.

The goal of weekly reporting is to help managers know what their employees are up to at all times and prevent any problems in advance. It also frees up a lot of time that's used for status meetings and therefore leaves more time for meaningful work.

But to work effectively, status reporting needs to be as automatic as possible.

That includes having set deadline for weekly reports and a clear easy-to-use format that employees can easily fill out. And an automatic system for managers that helps them understand and organize the reports.

Weekdone offers all of that.

Weekdone automatic weekly reporting

Automatic Reporting Tool

When using Weekdone weekly status reports in your team, you have an opportunity to choose when all the reports are due. Usually the time is set to Friday evening so employees can already make plans for next week.

Before the deadline, all employees get a reminder to make sure they've filled out their form. So even people who don't want to look at the program every day, are reminded.

We actually encourage people to use Weekdone daily as this is the best way to stay up to date with everything your co-workers are doing.

KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid

We believe that for the automatic weekly reporting system to work, it must be as easy as possible.

So we have made sure our forms are not to clustered, are easy to understand and are fully customizable to suit every company's needs.

We break our reports into three section. The "Progress" or "Done" section is what has been completed during the week. "Plans" is where people list what they are planning on doing. And lastly there is "Problems", where people can list any problems they run into.

Take a look at our sample report here.

For Managers

Weekdone compiles all reports (organized by team or department) into easily readable graphs for the manager.

The idea is, that a leader or a manager can understand who has problems and what the general mood in the team is, by merely glancing at the report.