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Setting actionable goals that help your teams to move forward is a hard task for any manager or leader. Not only must the goals be SMART, they must be understood by all, and make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

Weekdone uses Objectives and Key Results methodology that is one of the cornerstones of product. Our users use it, we use it and it has helped both of us to do more and get better results. It should therefore be no big surprise that we’ve spent a lot of time on research and on how to get most out of the OKR system.

Top Goal Setting Problems and How To Avoid Them from Weekdone.com

Having no plan is the problem.

The biggest problem with goal setting is, most people still don’t have any. While most people have some idea about what they want to do but for this system to be effective they must be written down. Yet only 3% of Americans have written down their goals. Why?


Problem nr.1: no motivation to work on your goals.

Having clear objectives is, on a psychological level, a way of life. It’s a positive habit that must first be learned. On average, it takes 66 days for a recurring task to become something you do without thinking. You should write down your goals and start working on your goals every day.

For instance, you can use Weekdone weekly planner to make sure you have written goals and you move them into “progress” every week.


Problem nr.2: unrealistic expectations

While having ambitious goals is important, but if you set them too high, you will lose motivation. “That can’t be done anyway, so I will not do it at all.” To make goals motivate people they should be:

  • Actionable: Objectives should be goals that a person or a team can execute independently.
  • Inspirational: They should excite employees and give them a reason to be excited on Monday morning when going to work.
  • Time Bound: OKRs should be set quarterly so that people can get them done as fast as possible.

Problem nr.3: forgetting what you need to do.

It’s easy to set goals and then forget them. OKR system helps with that by demanding weekly updates to your quarterly objectives. . If a week has passed and you’ve got no progress, there is a problem that should be addressed fast.

Plan your future using OKRs.

Implementing Objectives and Key Results solves most of the problems associated with setting quality goals. Having used them for a few years now, I can say, I’ve never been so productive.


Like I’ve written in my book “Step by Step Guide to OKRs”: “OKRs, on a personal, team. and company level make up a system that shows how everything one person does connects to the work of others. If an employee knows that not meeting his goals makes achievements harder for people in other departments, they will want to try harder. When everyone knows how their work matters, it increases overall engagement, motivation, and determination.”

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