5 Best Books on Leading Remote Teams

Remote work has become more popular than ever over the last year and a half (thank you, COVID-19). Even with vaccination rates on the rise throughout the country, many teams have decided to continue moving forward with remote work; citing higher rates of productivity, higher rates of job satisfaction, etc.

There are many benefits that come with remote work, but there are some downsides, too. Are you struggling to keep your team motivated while working from home? If so, you may need to do some research to level up your leadership approach.

Read on to learn more about the best work from home books that remote leaders should start reading today to overcome the challenges that come with leading remote teams.

Challenges of Remote Team Leadership

What are the biggest obstacles you’ve had to face since switching to a remote leadership style?

According to MIT Sloan Management Review, for a lot of team leaders, a major issue is a lack of face-to-face communication. It can be hard to address issues, especially if they’re more abstract or sensitive, when you’re not able to sit down with a team member and address them directly. 

Another common challenge is a lack of collaboration and team-building. When everyone is working not just in their own offices but in their own homes located miles apart from each other, it can feel impossible to get everyone to come together and work as a team.

Best Leading Remote Teams Books

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. We’ve compiled a list of 5 great books that can inform remote team leaders about how to effectively manage and support employees from the comfort of their own homes.

1. Best for Boosting Productivity

Influencing Virtual Teams by Hassan Osman

Influencing Virtual Teams Written by Hassan Osman

For those who need help aligning their teams and encouraging everyone to collaborate, Hassan Osman’s book is a great option.

This book shares 17 different psychological tactics that remote team managers can use to achieve desired outcomes from their employees. It covers a variety of issues remote team leaders face every day, such as meeting deadlines, assigning responsibilities to team members, and explaining tasks.

2. Best for Better Team Building

Office Optional: How to Build a Connected Culture with Virtual Teams by Larry English

Office Optional Written By: Larry English

If your team is struggling with collaboration and team-building, you’ll want to pick up this guidebook.

Office Optional outlines specific steps team leaders can take to improve company culture. It offers functional blueprints and practical advice related to team-building, fostering relationships, and having productive conversations from a distance.

3. Best for Overcoming Remote Work Challenges

Working From Home: Making the New Normal Work for You

Working from Home: Making the New Normal Work for You written by Karen Mangia

For remote leaders who are struggling with the mechanics and logistics of working from home, this book by Karen Mangia, can help.

This is a new and helpful remote work guide that offers lots of practical advice. This includes tips on controlling kids, establishing rituals and routines, and keeping up with changes in the industry even when you’re working from home.

4. Best for Hiring Remotely

The Remote Revolution: How the Location-Independent Workforce Changes the Way We Hire, Connect, and Succeed by John Elston

Remote Revolution written by John Elston

If you need to bring new people on to your remote team and aren’t sure how to find the right person without meeting them face-to-face, read this book by John Elston.

You’ll find specific steps that leaders can take to simplify the remote hiring process. Leaders can walk away with an understanding of what to look for in candidates and how to find the most talented people to join their team. It encourages managers and leaders to rethink their hiring approach in order to see better results and help teams thrive now, and in the future.

5. Best for Getting Started

A Leader’s Guide to Remote Success by Weekdone

A Leaders Guide to Remote Success by Weekdone

For those who are new to remote leadership and need to learn the basics, the best book for getting started is our very own e-book, A Leader’s Guide to Remote Success.

This e-book is free to download and breaks down the key elements of successful remote work. This includes a detailed list of the pros and cons of remote work, as well as best practices and goal-setting frameworks to keep everyone engaged and on track.

Become a Better Remote Leader Today

These 5 work from home books are all great resources specific to remote leaders seeking inspiration and guidance on how to best support their teams.

Choose any book on this list and use it as a starting point to level up your leadership and give your employees the tools they need to succeed.