30 + Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams in 2022

We’ve tested and ranked some of our favorite virtual team building activities that will boost the morale of your remote teams in 2022 and beyond. Save this list and try them all! Rest assured knowing each activity is: engaging, creative, and unique.

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Top 34 best virtual team building activities in 2022

Benefits of virtual team building

Top Virtual Team Building Activities for 2022

Which activity entices you? Choose from a variety of virtual escape rooms, happy hours, games, artistic endeavors, and charity ideas to try with your team, or even company wide! Read about our favorite virtual team building activities and the companies that host them.

Virtual Escape Rooms 🏃🏻‍♂️

1. Escape Room: Jewel Heist
2. The Escape Game’s Remote Adventures – 6 different scenarios!
3. Unlocked for Teams – Secret agents unite!

Virtual Happy Hours 🍺 🧀

4. Pub Trivia Happy Hour
5. Virtual Paris Visit
6. The Ice Cream Float Experience
7. Private Beer Making Event – Brew your very own team draft!
8. Virtual Beer & Cheese Pairing
9. Take a Trip to Barcelona
10. Sip n’ Shake Cocktails – A refreshing cocktail masterclass for teams
11. The Great Cooking Challenge – Learn alongside a professional chef

Virtual Games & Teamwork Fun 👾

12. Trivia Time Machine -Get nostalgic with your team
13. The Team Virtual Showdown – A virtual game show
14. Clue: A Virtual Murder Mystery
15. Final Verdict – A Futuristic Trial by Jury
16. The Team Quest – Remote team competition fun!
17. Virtual Pride-Themed Jeopardy – Inclusive social in celebration of Pride!
18. Team Builders – A jam packed hour of games
19. Team Pursuit -Timed puzzles and challenges
20. Mix it Up Beats4Teams – Awesome DJ experience
21. Icebreaker Quizzes – Fun questions for daily team engagement
22. Survive: Escape from Atlantis – Board game inspired
23. Team Karaoke Night
24. Personality Tests
25. Team Movie Night

Virtual Artistic Team Events 🎨

26. Paint the Town – Who’s the team Picasso?
27. League of Superheroes 20.21 – Super fun sketch party
28. Team Manga Superstars – Virtual manga sketch experience
29. Drawful

Charity Events 🤝

30 Virtual Event Fundraiser for Ukraine
31. The Virtual Do-Good Games for Charity
32. Build Bikes for Children in Need *in person (North America)
33. Wheelchairs for Charity *in person (North America)

Virtual Team Building Escape Rooms

Have you ever tried a virtual escape room? No? You’re in for a treat! The following activities will make you question whether you really need to do an in-person escape room again!

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Virtual Escape Room: Jewel Heist

Get together with your team for a virtual escape room experience where you’ll uncover clues, solve brain-teaser challenges, and think outside the “room” as you work to find the hidden stolen jewels.

Jewel Heist Virtual Escape Room

Outback Team Building offers corporate virtual team building activities. Whether you want to self-host with your small team or engage with a virtual host – they have options for all! Teams as small as 3, and companies over 1,000 can enjoy their unique activities!

Prices range from $8 – $49 per person and sessions can be 30 minutes to 2 hours long. Learn more here.

The Escape Game’s Remote Adventures

The Escape Game (the US’s premier escape room company) has created a way to play six of their escape rooms live over Zoom!

All virtual games are live and hosted by guides at The Escape Game. That way online players get to have hands, eyes, and feet inside a physical room! Games hold 8 teammates per room, but it’s easy to book multiple games and make it a competition between teams! 

Prison Break: You and your team have been wrongfully accused of a crime…team up to escape before the warden returns!

The Heist: An infamous curator has stolen a priceless piece of art. You and your team of spies will need to find your way into his office and recover the painting!

Ruins: Forbidden Treasure: After a rough airplane landing in the jungle, you’ll have the chance to search for treasure in an ancient temple!

Gold Rush: It’s a race to find the hidden gold in this Northern Californian prospector’s cabin!

Playground: Summer break is almost here…but you’ll need to finish a few group projects before you can pass your class!

The Depths: Take a submarine voyage to a underwater lab to uncover some secret research. But watch out, you might not be alone in these waters!

  • Up to 8 per game, unlimited group size
  • $32-35 per player 
  • 60 minutes
  • Check out all their games here.

Unlocked for Teams

Unlocked for Teams is the best team building competition for groups of 15+! Your team of secret agents must work together in a virtual escape room to successfully complete their mission. Split into groups of up to 8 members, players race to solve an international crime as quickly as possible.

Unlocked for teams with The Escape Game

Everyone starts out on one call to learn how to play and then splits up into breakout rooms for each team. You’ll then log into your team’s digital dashboard and review evidence files to stop an infamous art thief from stealing another priceless painting. 

The best part of Unlocked for Teams is the platform can hold an unlimited number of players so any size company can have a virtual event for every employee!

  • 15 – unlimited number of players
  • $28.99 per person
  • 75 minutes

Contact their events team here.

Virtual Happy Hours 🍺 🧀

Going out for drinks after work is always a good time, but when you can’t meet up in person, drinking with your team online in your pajamas is the next best thing! 

Here are our favorite virtual team building happy hours!

Pub Trivia Happy Hour

Pub Quiz Happy Hour Trivia - virtual team building activity

Get together with your team and take a trip to “Hamish McDuff’s” virtual pub. This hilarious Scottish pub owner is the legendary host of this virtual happy hour trivia game that is perfect for getting everyone involved on your team! Whether you’re a team of 4 or over 1,000 your virtual happy hour event will go on! It can even last 2 hours over your feeling real Scottish – keep the beers comin’, “mate!”

Learn more here.

Visit Paris (virtually, of course!)

This unique virtual tour of Paris is aimed at groups of people who are looking for a fun way to build their team skills. The one-hour Zoom tour is led by an experienced Parisian, who whisks the group off to the City of Lights and throws in challenges along the way.  

Count on your host playing on typical stereotypes but also tearing them up! They’ll also share local tips for your future itinerary. You can ask your guide anything about Parisian culture, no question is too “out there”.

If you want to learn more about Parisian culture, visit the city’s beautiful attractions and have a laugh with your coworkers (or friends and family) then this trip is for you.

Parisian happy hour

It lasts just over 60 minutes, and you book the most convenient time-slot when you sign up. Companies have been using this team building game for onboarding new members of staff when they can’t meet in person – lighthearted and unique!

Prices start at $29 per person. Learn more here.

The Ice Cream Float Experience

The Ice Cream Float Experience is live, fully interactive and certain to bring a smile to even your most serious employee’s face. Rediscover the childhood joy of making ice cream (no equipment needed, but be ready to get up and move a bit!), then indulge in root beer, orange soda or cherry float.

Kits are delivered directly to your guests’ doors and include everything needed to participate. How simple is that?

👆Pro Tip: The Ice Cream Float Experience is just 30 minutes long, making it a great option for an icebreaker activity or mid-afternoon break from a day of meetings.

Ice Cream Float Experience with City Brews

These unforgettable hosts will take your group through the ice cream making process step by step while sprinkling you with sweet trivia along the way.

Learn more here.

Private Beer Making Event

At Home Beer Making Event

If you are looking for something that’s a bit more hands-on, how about calling up your team for a beer making event? It’s easier than baking a cake! 

“Zoom” through 90 minutes of team building fun with a private beer making experience— no prior knowledge or experience necessary. An expert brewer will guide your team through the process step by step.

This virtual team building activity comes with equipment and ingredients to brew a full case of beer – everything is sent directly to your guests’ door!

👆 Pro Tip: Unboxed Experiences’ event planners can even work with you to create a custom beer recipe and label for your team! Our favorite beer names were: 

  • Holiday Party Pale Ale
  • Work From Home Amber Ale

Virtual Beer & Cheese Pairing

Spice up your virtual team building with a virtual beer and cheese pairing happy hour—complete with gourmet tasting boxes!

These expert guides will entertain and educate your team as they take you through the ins and outs of pairing craft beer with cheese and chocolate. These virtual team building activities can accommodate any size team and can be customized to fit your event goals.

👆Pro Tip: We suggest choosing one of Unboxed Experiences’ seasonal tasting boxes. Themed boxes like Summer Get-a-way, Oktoberfest, and Holiday Party add a unique twist to the typical happy hour.

Did we mention that they include branded swag, gifts, notecards and other personal touches in your tasting boxes for maximum impact?! Boxes are delivered right to each participants’ front door.

Whether you’re looking to devour a delightful Lavender Lemonade or sip a scrumptious Spicy Margarita – whatever your team is craving, they’ve got you covered!

Take a Trip to Barcelona

It’s time to take your team on a rollercoaster ride of laughter and team bonding with Woyago to beautiful Barcelona ! Connect and laugh with each other at the stories of this city’s weirdest folks in one storyteller’s hilarious tales that will leave everyone pleasantly exhausted.

This immersive experience will whisk you and your virtual team to Barcelona in a playful storytelling experience all about Barcelona’s quirky and wacky culture. From dragons to popping Christmas logs – come on down for a virtual happy hour in Spain! Prices start from $29 per person.

For more information about how you can create virtual togetherness at your next team-building event, click here.

Sip n’ Shake Cocktails – A virtual cocktail masterclass like no other

Raise the bar at your next team event, with this incredibly fun “Sip n Shake” cocktails masterclass – the ultimate fun way to bring your team together! Shake up a storm, share some laughs, let loose, and create an evening to remember, all with the added bonus of celebrating your team’s achievements over a refreshing and invigorating drink.

Learn to make the perfect drink with a professional bartender and an entertaining emcee. Whether it’s celebrating team goals and socials or end of year parties; they’ve got something that will quench everyone’s thirst.

But the real question is – who will emerge as the best shaker? Time to grab your shakers and your colleagues to find out!

YumTum has hosted 200+ teams from companies such as Google, Pinterest, Atlassian, Canva, Pokémon, Unity, and more.

Learn more about the cocktail masterclass.

*Works for teams of all sizes. Packages can be tailored to suit the personality of your team.

The Great Cooking Challenge

This virtual team building activity takes your team through an unforgettable culinary journey with some of the best local chefs.

They’ve got the perfect recipe for team celebrations, socials, quarterly get-togethers and of course end-of-year celebrations.

Best of all, the company organizes and runs the entire experience end-to-end, including the option to ship all ingredients to every team member. Whether its mouth-watering dumplings or scrumptious gnocchi – whatever your team is craving, they’ve got you covered!

Find out who in the team will make the most Instagrammable Dish!

Learn more about the cooking experience.

Virtual Games & Teamwork Fun 👾

Virtual games are another great way to bond with your team remotely. Below are all different sorts of gaming sessions that you can try with your team today!

Trivia Time Machine

Are you dreaming of a pre-pandemic lifestyle? Do you need a break from the 21st century? Ugh, same! Take a trip through all the decades back to the 60s with your vary own trivia time machine.


This exciting, fast-paced virtual trivia game, packed with nostalgia and good vibes is guaranteed to produce big laughs, friendly competition, and maybe even some chair-dancing. 

Your virtual game show host will warm up guests with a couple of “table hopper rounds” (breakout room mixers) and split you out into teams. Within minutes, your home office will be transformed into a game show stage with your very own game show buzzers!

Learn more here.

The Escape Game Game Show

An hour will fly by while you and your team are playing this hilarious game show competition. With a live hosted event – it will be impossible to not have every person on your team fighting to beat the other teams.

The Escape Game Game Show

The Escape Game has done so much to make this just as impressive as their virtual escape rooms. Keep an eye out for hidden clues and surprises for extra points! 

This is a perfect activity for groups from 4-150 people and with the use of breakout rooms, everyone gets the chance to participate the whole time. Every team/breakout room in your event has their own host to facilitate the 5 rounds of fast paced gameplay!

Get Custom Pricing For Your Group!

Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

If you and your team are the type to get dressed up in costume and really delve into your “characters” this virtual team building activity is for you! I mean, look at those faces!

virtual clue murder mystery team building activity

Neil Davidson has been murdered and the authorities suspect foul play. Gather your remote team online and collaborate virtually to crack the case of deadly crime in this highly-engaging virtual murder mystery team building activity.

👆 Pro Tip: Looking for something festive to do with your team? Schedule this activity around Halloween or New Years Eve! Nothing says holiday spirit like a good ol’ murder mystery

Final Verdict – A Futuristic Trial by Jury

Virtual Team Building Activity - Final Verdict

Ever wonder what the future of jury trials might look like? Set in the year 2030, Final Verdict is an interactive VR experience that will test your communication, problem-solving, and deductive reasoning skills.

In this 90-minute legal thriller, the heir to a media empire stands accused of arson and fraud, facing a life sentence in prison if he is found guilty. 

You are tasked with reviewing multiple forms of evidence – from audio and video testimony to fingerprint analysis – in a 3D virtual reality interface, as well as cross-examining both the defendant and lead prosecutor live as you deliberate with your fellow jurors to declare the accused guilty or acquit them of their crimes.

Race against time to deliver your vote before the trial ends. What will be your final verdict?

Learn more here

The Team Quest

tagvenue team quest drawing board

If you’re into some lighthearted fun, check out The Team Quest.

It’s a relaxed activity with just the right amount of competition, giving your virtual team a chance to socialize, learn something new about each other and improve teamwork skills while having a blast!

The Team Quest runs on a dedicated browser platform and involves a charismatic host who will split your group into smaller teams and guide you through a series of mini-games, including all-time favorites like Trivia, Pictionary, Karaoke, Guess the Celebrity or Emoji Riddles.

To keep everyone engaged, the role of the captain rotates each round! The game concludes with a winner reveal and a photo booth session to commemorate the fun you’ve had with your team.

Talk to your event producer about customizing the activity to suite your teams needs. With various themes and types of challenges you can create a custom game scenario your team will love.

  • Group size: 6 – 400
  • Price: from $20 per person
  • Session length: 60 minutes

Learn more about The Team Quest here.

Pride Themed Jeopardy

Pride Themed Jeopardy virtual team building event

If you need an inclusive, social event to celebrate Pride month in your team or company – this is the event for you! With a focus on celebrating Pride and LGBQIA+ culture, this jeopardy-style competition will improve your collaborative and communication skills while encouraging some friendly competition! Not to mention test your knowledge on pop-hit pride anthems and trivia questions related to the history of Pride!

Breaking out into separate teams, you and your team will race to hit the buzzer to win each round! With some social mixers between rounds and prideful jams to brighten your mood, your team will engage, compete, and work their brain power. It’s a great activity to have some fast-paced fun!

Learn more about Pride-Themed Virtual Jeopardy!

Virtual Team Builders

This virtual team builders game was designed with the purpose of bonding remote teams. Each virtual team builder focuses on building relationships with your team – and if you remember, this was one of the most important characteristics of a good virtual team building activity!

Games include: trivia, showing off your best impersonations, and “how well do you know your coworker” ice breakers!

These virtual team building activities last about one hour and are made up of 5 rounds that pack a fun punch. Each round is a different game that brings employees together and keeps them laughing. Combining innovative embedded video technology with awesome online games, it’s a good time guaranteed.

Learn more here.

Virtual Team Pursuit

Get your remote team together to compete in a series of online mental, physical, skill, and mystery challenges. Outback Team Building made one of their most popular team building activities into a virtual format so that you can enjoy this with your remote teams in your virtual team building adventures!

Virtual Team Pursuit Self Hosted Team Building Activity
Weekdone Marketing Team playing Virtual Team Pursuit (self-hosted)

Our marketing team at Weekdone had a blast completing the challenges – searching our homes for recipes, sharing photos of our socks, and much more. Divide yourself into teams and work strategically to complete the tasks with most points first!

At the end of the activity – you’ll receive a slideshow of videos and images taken throughout the activity!

Get in touch to learn more!

Mix it Up: Beats 4 Teams

Have you ever wondered what your team jingle would sound like? Amp up your next team social with this super fun, mind-expanding, collaborative musical jam session. In this funky team social, you’ll make some music together as a team, with a professional DJ.

Jam out with your teammates and experience an innovative music-making escape that is sure to energize and inspire your team. Learn the fundamentals of DJ’ing and make your own groovy tunes!

But the real question is, would you be in perfect symphony?

Find out by learning more about MixItUp team experience.

*No prior experience in music or music-making required.

Icebreaker Quizzes

Icebreaker quizzes are a fun and low friction way to do a little bit of team building in your team every week, we even recommend team meeting ice breakers to help start meetings on the right foot. But for something more extravagant we recommend Quizbreaker.

QuizBreaker is one online icebreaker quiz that automatically sends out a new round each week to your team on your chosen schedule. It’s great for bringing remote teams closer together so they can learn more about each other whilst having fun. 

You and your team answer a variety of fun and safe-for-work ice breaker questions, then you have to guess each other’s answers in multiple choice quizzes. They’ve turned it into a game complete with badges, levels, trophies and weekly leaderboard for a bit of fun competition. 

QuizBreaker comes with a 14 day free trial so you can give it a try with your team first to see if they like it.

👆Pro Tip: We recommend setting up your QuizBreaker rounds to go out once a week on a Friday afternoon as a fun way to end the week. 

Survive: Escape from Atlantis

This is for all your board game lover’s out there. Inspired by board games, Tabletopia tries to keep it real. You’ll feel like you’re at home with your team while playing this game.

Marketing team playing Survive: Escape from Atlantis

It’s early in the 20th century – a time of exploration and adventure. The mysterious island of Atlantis has been discovered in the middle of the ocean, and there are rumors of riches! After reaching Atlantis, the explorers are ready to return home with treasure and artifacts. But Atlantis begins to sink! Who will manage to reach dry land without getting eaten by sharks?

Learn more here.

Team Karaoke Party

Karaoke is a truly interactive experience where you get to know sides from your workmates that you may never have known before. Thus, in addition to being extremely fun, singing strengthens communities and makes people work better together. Studies have also found that singing has a lot of physical and mental health effects that make working and life in general just a bit more fun and enjoyable.

Ready to see the magic of karaoke? All you need to do is to fix all your staff members up with Singa karaoke and choose a video conferencing app of your choice. We recommend using Zoom for the video part. Further instructions on how to do karaoke online with Zoom and Singa here.

Singa Karaoke Virtual Team Building Event

Personality Tests

Completing personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helps each team member figure out whether they’re introverted or extroverted, thinkers or feelers, judgers or perceivers, and whether they take in information through sensing or intuition.

Getting to know your team members, and giving them a chance to get to know each other, on a deeper level will help everyone bond and learn how to communicate in the most effective way possible.

Another simple personality assessment to have your team members take is the Four Tendencies test.

This test helps people figure out if they are Upholders, Obligers, Rebels, or Questioners. It gives you a chance as a team leader to see how your team best responds to your expectations. It can also help them work with each other in more effective ways and avoid some of the frustrations of group work.

Team Movie Night

Host a monthly or quarterly team movie night (or day). Ask everyone to submit a vote for a movie and a time to watch it, then stream it through a conference call for the entire team to see, no matter where they’re located.

Consider opening a chat channel so everyone can share reactions and hot takes during the movie, too. Tools like Teleparty (formally Netflix Party) can be used to easily to sync the play time of videos as well.

Our team now does a “reality show” night the last Friday of every month.

Artistic Virtual Events 🎨

Nothing says building relationships like getting creative with your team. Some of the following virtual team building activities are even guided by professional artists! Dive into your inner Picasso and explore your team relationship through painting and drawing!

Paint the Town

Try a creative and relaxing social event with your team by hosting a paint night. Paint the Town is a “one-stop shop” for all your party planning needs.

You’ll get a dedicated event coordinator, painting kits shipped to each guest, private Zoom link, and a fun art instructor for 90 minutes. 

virtual paint night

Even guests who say they don’t have an artistic bone in their body will leave the session pleasantly surprised by their masterpiece, and proud to show off to others!

And don’t worry, Paint the Town still leaves room for you to socialize and interact, and can even facilitate ice breakers and custom painting requests, so you’re covered for all your team bonding needs!

League of Superheroes 20.21

Who doesn’t love the idea of being a superhero? Power up your next team bonding experience by learning to draw your colleagues as superheroes with a professional comic-book illustrator!

Learn how to capture your colleagues’ personality traits, translate their strengths into superpowers and learn the fundamentals of superhero illustration. This will give them the opportunity to see themselves in a different light and witness how others perceive them.

The best part is you’ll receive a “Superhero Portrait” collage of everyone on the team! Walking away with something tangible is always a plus, right?

Learn more about the “League of Superheroes 20.21” experience.

Team Manga Superstars

Always wondered what your team would look like as Manga superstars? Unleash your team’s creativity with a Manga sketch experience hosted by a professional Manga artist! This unique experience allows you to bring your team’s personality and quirks to life in a fun and memorable way.

Unravel this iconic Japanese art form and transform your colleague into a Manga superstar by learning the fundamentals of this unique art style. Capture your colleague’s real nature, with the grand finale being a memorable virtual Manga team portrait.  Nail those expressions, make cherished mementos and share your unique perspectives in an accessible and engaging way.

Even if you feel you can barely muster a stickman, this relaxed and enjoyable experience is guaranteed to level up your skillset and bring out a new dimension to your next team bonding experience.

Learn more about Team Manga Superstars experience.

Drawful from Jackbox:

Each player receives a weird and unique prompt that they must try to draw on their mobile device (without the aid of an eraser). After each “artist” presents their work, everyone else anonymously submits a title that could fit this bizarre drawing.

Your goal is to somehow find the correct prompt while fooling other players into selecting your decoy answer. Bonus points are awarded to those who submitted decoys that are especially clever or dumb…the funnier the better – in our experience!

Drawful virtual team games
Some of our Team’s Drawful artwork.

Drawful is an easy virtual team building activity you can play anytime with hardly any preparation! Just log in and play!

Charity Events 🤝

Virtual Event Fundraiser for Ukraine

Your Ukrainian host, Anna, will share with your team unique facts about her home country.

In this 60 minute event, you’ll begin with an introductory Ukrainian language class, and move into a lesson about Ukrainian culture and food! Virtually, Anna will take you to some of Ukraine’s most beautiful landmarks.

Don’t miss Anna’s unique and personal stories about Crimea, Chernobyl, and the Donbas – you’ll have time to ask her questions if you’d like as well!

  • 60 – 90 minute event
  • Minimum donation $300 per event.

Schedule your event with Ana here

The Do-Good Games for Charity

This philanthropic virtual team building activity is all about building awareness around local and global challenges, raising funds for charity, and doing some good in the world with your colleagues. 

With the Virtual Do-Good Games, teams will compete to complete challenges revolving around themes like Clean Water and Food Insecurity, Health and Wellness, Community Support, and Environmental Awareness. For each challenge completed, teams will earn points that can be redeemed as donation dollars that they will donate towards charity. 

Located in North America? Want to engage in some acts of kindness for the community? We recommend you to: build bikes to donate to children in need or build wheelchairs for charity.

Benefits of Virtual Team Building

Build Relationships

Your team members might not all work in the same office. That doesn’t mean they can’t have strong relationships with one another, though.

Your remote workers will have an easier time collaborating on upcoming projects if they feel that they know each other and are comfortable communicating with one another about more than just surface matters.

Combat Loneliness

Remote work can get lonely. If your employees are all working separately and rarely get a chance to communicate with their teammates (or anyone else, for that matter), they may be less engaged at work. They may also experience lower levels of job satisfaction, which can lead to you having to replace people on your team more often than you’d like.

Improve Productivity

There’s a good chance that remote workers will be productive and get more done on a daily basis when everyone is engaged with their work. When participating in virtual team building activities, co-workers cheer each other on, work together, and become motivated to meet the finish line – that energy eventually spills into their work tasks. The desire to achieve team and individual goals increases as teams feel more connected.

If you need help staying in touch with your virtual team members and creating a unified place where they can catch up with each other, consider a remote worker reporting software like Weekdone Team Compass.

Team Compass makes it easy for you to stay on task and in touch with your team members. It also provides you with a place to set goals and give feedback and encouragement.